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Gerard's POV. My little brother has a superpower

My little brother has a superpower! And I was the one who helped him discover it. Today was such an awesome day. Frank and I overheard Mikey's conversation with Erica and heard just how excited he really was. The only problem was that now the bitch was coming over. Considering I was going to Bob's place today with a video camera and Frank was staying here, he was gonna have to put up with her.

"Hell no, I am not staying here. Since it's not safe to have too many invisible people in his lair, I think I'll go shopping or something," he decided. "But I'll have my cellphone on, so if you run into any trouble, text me or call me or something," he told me. "Cause I'm not exactly one hundred percent happy with you going into his lair. I want you to be careful," he warned me.

"I will. Don't you worry. I'm gonna only stay for a little while anyway. Just until I have the proof we need to show Erica that Bob isn't as great as she thinks he is," I said.

"Ok," he replied, a half-worried look on his face as he brought me into a hug and pecked my lips.

An hour and a half later I was outside Bob's pool house, invisible, as I waited for one of them to open the door or a window or something that I could fly through. After waiting half an hour, neither of them came outside and I was starting to get pissed off. So I decided to do something about that. I went around the side of the pool house. There was a few bits and pieces around the side including a pool filter and pool toys. I decided to just make heaps of noise so that one of them would come out to investigate, allowing me to fly into the pool house unnoticed.

I began to knock things over and cause a huge racket. I then heard Bob yelling as the door to the pool house swung open. I took advantage as I flew invisibly into the pool house, figuring out where the best place to position myself was. Eventually, I decided to sit beside this table where the telephone rested along with a few other interesting things such as The Executioner's mask and a thick wad of cash.

Looking around the room, I spotted Ray's new singed haircut, as Ray sat on the couch eating a packet of Doritos. While Bob was outside, I put the video camera on the ground so that I could see it. It had been in my invisible hands and so I wouldn't have been able to turn it on if I couldn't see it. So I turned it on, zoomed in a fraction before pressing record, all while the camera was on the floor. Then, just before Bob walked through the door, I picked it up, making it invisible once more.

"Something knocked over all the pool equipment!" Bob announced to Ray, sounding annoyed as he walked back into the pool house, closing the door behind him.

"Wasn't me," Ray said, his eyes still glued to the TV as he kept shoveling Doritos into his mouth.

"I know that, dumbass! It was outside. You were in here when it happened!" Bob pointed out.

"Maybe it was the wind or a cat," Ray suggested. Bob didn't reply. Instead he sat down on the couch with Ray. They both watched TV for the next hour, neither of them uttering a word to one another. Once the show they were watching had finished, Bob began to talk to Ray.

"So, since we have to eat dinner with Mom tonight in the house, I figured we should run over a few things, to make our story sound consistent," Bob told Ray, who was just finishing the whole packet of Doritos.

"Ok. Like what?" Ray asked.

"Well, first, how did we meet? My Mom's gonna wanna know that. And I can't very well say that we met because I burnt off some guy's face before you electricuted a boyband," Bob pointed out. Ray looked like he was thinking.

"How about we tell her that we were loose friends in high school, and recently we found one another again and fell in love," Ray suggested.

"Perfect. And if my Mom brings up why I never told her I was 'gay'," Bob spoke, putting his fingers up and making quotation marks in the air, "then I'll tell her that I was worried that she wouldn't accept me or some bullshit. Oh. And just to make it clear, you are the woman of the relationship," Bob told Ray.

"Fuck off. I am not the woman. You are," Ray said. Bob gave Ray a quickly angry glare before his facial expression changed. It looked as though he had thought of something.

"Neither of us will be the woman. It makes it look like we're truly in love if we just say that we're both equal partners and everything is equal in our relationship," Bob replied.

"Good idea. Oh, and after dinner have we got any other plans?" Ray asked Bob.

"Yeah, I'm going clubbing. You're gonna stay in the house, just like my Mom suggested. I haven't gotten laid in so long, so I'll pretend that I refuse to stay in the house with her and I'll sleep in the pool house alone. Then I'll sneak out, have a one night stand with some girl and then I'll be in a much better mood," Bob decided.

"So we're not gonna do anything relating to our jobs?" Ray asked.

"No. We are not gonna be putting up any acid walls tonight. I want a night off. Those people are gonna be walking around all scared anyway. And it's not like The Dark Ninja and The Skeleton will care if we're around or not. They'll probably be busy fucking or something," Bob stated. "Plus, our costumes need repairing, and I don't want to do that today."

"Well then tomorrow, have you thought of anything to do yet?" Ray questioned.

"I thought we'd go see Erica. I spoke to her on the phone last night. She's fighting with her best friend and needs cheering up. And I was thinking, if I have superpowers, maybe she does too. Maybe she could join us. She's really fucking smart. She'd really help us along. I mean, think about it. We could be a team. Dr. Krustallos, The Executioner and if Erica has powers, she could be "The Queen" or something," Bob spoke enthusiastically.

"Wow, how come you never show enthusiasm towards anyone else other than Erica?" Ray asked him.

"Cause. She's like my younger sister. I have to protect her," Bob explained.

"So you protect her by putting up acid walls?" Ray asked. Bob laughed.

"When I take over the city, she is gonna be like the princess of New York. Everyone is going to love her," Bob decided.

"What about her boyfriend?" Ray asked.

"If she loves him like she says she does, then he can be the prince or some shit. But I will be the king and you will be the second in charge," Bob pronounced.

"Well, if you say so," Ray replied. I figured that I'd heard and recorded all the proof I needed. Quickly getting up, I accidentally knocked the phone off the table. I was still invisible, but Bob's head still shot over in my direction.

"What the fuck was that?" Bob asked.

I remained silent as I hovered next to the table, the phone on the floor next to me.

"The phone fell off the table. Don't worry so much," Ray said, trying to calm Bob down. I tried not to breathe loudly or do anything which would make it known that I was in the pool house. I didn't need to be crystallized today.

"It's just hard to believe, that's all. I mean, the phone was in the middle of the table and now it's on the floor," Bob pointed out.

"Maybe the pool house is haunted," Ray suggested.

"Or maybe someone invisible is in here. Who do we know who can turn invisible?" Bob asked Ray.

"Santa Claus?" Ray answered.

"No you fuckwit, The Dark Ninja!" Bob exclaimed.

"How the hell would he get in here?" Ray asked.

"I don't know. But what if him and The Skeleton know our secret identities? We need to find out theirs," Bob decided, walking over to the table and picking the phone up. My stomach was doing backflips as I hoped that I didn't get caught.

"Well if The Dark Ninja was here, I don't think he would sit around by the telephone. He'd burn the pool house down. So really, we have nothing to worry about," Ray decided.

"Good point I'd suppose," Bob spoke as Ray stood up. "Where the fuck are you going?" he asked.

"Outside to have a smoke," Ray replied.

"Fine. But if my Mom catches you smoking, I don't want to get a lecture that my 'life partner' is going to die of lung cancer," Bob warned as Ray walked towards the door. I flew behind him, wanting to get out of this pool house as soon as possible. Knocking the telephone over had scared the shit out of me.

"I'll hide around the side like I always do," Ray replied as he opened the door to the pool house. I flew out just before he closed the door once more before flying to a safer location and stopping the recording on my video camera. I reviewed the tape, pleased with my work, before flying off home to show Frank what I'd managed to obtain.

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