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Gerard's POV. Once Frank and I were dressed in our costumes, we walked out into the living room of our apartment and got the biggest shock of our lives

Once Frank and I were dressed in our costumes, we walked out into the living room of our apartment and got the biggest shock of our lives. There was Mikey kissing a girl who wasn't Erica. What the fuck?

As far as we both knew, he was still with Erica who had possibly mentioned anything about breaking up with him at work. So that meant he was cheating on her. Frank didn't like the fact that Mikey was kissing someone other than his second best friend either. He stormed right up to my brother and shoved him.

"Hey, what the fuck dude?" my brother asked Frank, sounding defensive.

"Are you seriously asking me what the fuck is going on? You should ask yourself that question you motherfucker!" Frank said angrily.

"Gerard, control your boyfriend. I don't even know what I've supposed to have done wrong," Mikey said to me.

"Don't drag me into this. If you're gonna make out with someone other than Erica, then you can just deal with Frank. I'm not getting involved," I told my brother, walking off to the bathroom to check my eyeliner.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" I heard Frank yell at my brother.

"Nothing's wrong with me. If you just let me explai--"

"Fat fucking chance," Frank ranted.

"Seriously Frank, stop," the female said to my boyfriend. It made me stop looking at my eyes and made me walk towards the living room. I knew that voice.

As I approached the living room, I saw that Frank had Mikey pinned against the wall as the door to the coat-closet flew open. Suddenly, one of the baseball bats kept in there came flying in the direction of the two of them and found itself in Mikey's hand.

"STOP! BOTH OF YOU!" The female Mikey had been kissing boomed. Both of them froze, before Frank released Mikey.

"Erica?" he questioned.

"Yes. Now stop trying to hurt my man," she said to him, morphing back into herself. "I was planning on going super-heroing with the two of you, but now there's something more exciting to celebrate! Mikey discovered another power!" she cheered.

"I did," he said, grinning as she leaped up on him and wrapped her legs around him, kissing him hard on the lips.

"That was your superhero outfit?" Frank asked her as she nodded, jumping down off Mikey and re-morphing into it. I took in her appearance. A small mask covered her eyes and nose. Her hair was long, black and wavy. Her skin was a light blue color, which I hadn't noticed when she was kissing Mikey before. Her dress was lacy and made up of a different shades of blue. She had blue Chuck Taylors which laced up to her knees and she wore gloves.

"You like it?" she asked.

"You look hot," Frank said, giving her a hug.

"Well duh, I am Hot Girl," she said, making Frank giggle.

"Sorry for being an ass Mikey," Frank apologized.

"It's ok. You made me discover my other power, so I think I can forgive you," my brother said.

"So are you gonna come superheroing with us Erica?" Frank asked her.

"I want to, but now I feel bad that Mikey's gonna be home alone," she replied.

"I don't mind. Now that I've figured out how to use my powers, I can use this time practising using them. And then after you're finished getting the bad guys, we can go to your place and celebrate me getting all my powers," Mikey replied. I laughed at my brother.

"Oh Mikey, you're so smooth," I told him sarcastically, making everyone laugh.

"Ok, well I'm ready when you are," Erica spoke.

"How're we all gonna fly there?" Frank questioned. It was hard to carry two people at once in the air. I'd struggled the time the Mayor, Frank and I went to the police station to use their database.

"I can mimic Gerard's powers, silly," Erica pointed out, closing her eyes and hovering off the ground, momentarily turning invisible before reappearing again.

"Oh yeah, cool. Well, let's go then," Frank said, running over to me and jumping on my back.

We all said goodbye to Mikey before going out to the balcony. Erica was a little scared of flying and so I told her to hold my hand as we turned invisible and flew off up into the air, trying to see if there was any chaos that had started up.

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