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Damn, if Id have known that I probably would have told you, seeing as I know I was better. I watched a lot of porn while you were out with my brother. You can learn so much if you turn the volume down and fast forward through the story part.

Eww, dont tell me that.

He laughed. You should see the collection we had overseas. It gets real lonely.

I decided to nix the conversation before I learned even more that I didnt want to know.

I wish we could go back.

Dont, he said as he kissed the top of my head. Were here now. All of that bullshit that weve gone through has only made what we have stronger. Im not living in the past, Katy. Its time to move forward. Ill be by your side if you want to divorce Bobby. If youre not ready

Not ready? It should have never happened. I think everyone is forgetting that I didnt marry him because I wanted to. I married him because I was out of options. Bobby was good to me for the most part, but I will definitely be divorcing him, the sooner the better.

Just checking. So, about the plan. Will you go along with it?

I placed my hands on his chest and leaned my chin on them. Ill do whatever you want me to, Brooks.

He raised his brows. Dont tell me that. Ill start making lists.

I reached down under the covers, first touching his thigh and then what was waiting in between. He got ready to say something else, when we heard someone climbing off the bed next to us. Brooks noticed her first. He held out his arms for her to climb up and join us. Theres my girl. Come up here. Lets get Mama.

She jumped up, already fueled with energy. I removed my hand and pulled the covers up over my body, so she wouldnt see that we werent dressed. Brooks offering to tell his parents that he knew about B would definitely make me feel better. Then all Id have to feel guilty for was leaving Branch at the alter after sleeping with Brooks.

They were still going to hate me anyway.

The most important thing was Bs safety. As long as we had a home to sleep in until I could figure things out, nothing else mattered. Even if they hated me, theyd love her.



Chapter 42

Pulling up in front of the house that Id grown up in was bittersweet. My parents house next door was for sale again. Brooks got out and stretched before getting B out of the little back bench seat. Our eyes met before we walked up the sidewalk and he came around to take my hand. Were in this together, Kat.

I was scared to death to see these people and even more concerned about life in general. With so much on my plate I worried if visiting them was even a good idea.

Brooks knocked on the door, and when I heard footsteps coming I began to freak out. I started to back up, but he grabbed my hand and pulled me back at his side.

The door opened and all eyes were on me. I couldnt see what was happening, because Danica was already hugging me. Katy, oh my God. I cant believe its really you. The tears were a given, and feeling her holding me made my worries all seem to begin to fade away.

Then I heard her gasp. I turned to see her looking at B. She was clinging to the strings of Brooks army hoodie and hiding her face.

Danica looked from me and then back to Brooks. He broke the silence. Mom, I think you should let us in.

She backed up, while staring at our daughter. Once we got into the foyer, B turned and started looking around. Thats when she knew, without a doubt, that the child was a Valentine. Id like you to meet my daughter, Brooklyn.

The woman broke down, covering her mouth as she began to bawl. Brooks walked up and hugged his mother for the first time. When she pulled away, she just kept looking at her, crying. B swatted at her face. No cry.

Danica smiled and dried her eyes. Hi. Im your grandma, Brooklyn.

We call her B, so she doesnt get confused when she hears my name, Brooks explained.

Then Danica turned to me. I was a babbling mess, trying to manage the feelings of betraying them and also the lies that we were about to tell. Im so sorry, was all I could come up with.

Then Walt walked into the room. He was looking down at his camera. Sorry, I just needed to replace the batteries. He looked up and saw us standing there, two women in tears, a son with a big smile, and a child completely confused.

Hey, Dad. Long time no see.

Brooks took my hand as he watched his dad look at B and then turn to me. Before he could ask, Brooks cleared his throat. Look, we know we have a lot of explaining to do. Can we get settled for a while first? B needs a fresh diaper and I know shes probably starving.

Danica took over, going into complete parent mode. Ive already made a turkey, and Dad got those sweet rolls you both love.

Brooks stopped her. Mom. Breathe. I know its a lot to take in, but well be here for a week, so how about we take a breather, go unpack and meet you in the dining room?

She nodded. Okay.

B wanted to get down. She wriggled her way out of his arms and Brooks finally let her stand. She looked up at Danica and started swinging her body from side to side.

Danica bent down to her eye level. Do you want something to drink?

Chocate mulk. I laughed when I heard her respond.

Danica smiled while tears still ran down her cheeks. Well, okay. Lets go see if we can find some of that. She looked up at me. Is it okay? I can change her, if it helps?

I handed her the bag. Sure. Thank you.

Walt walked over to me. It took him a second, but then he pulled me into his arms. Welcome home, Katy.

I clung to him, finally realizing that I never should have left. We were a family, after all, and we could have worked through things. I missed you, was all I could say. I missed you so much.

I was crying so hard that Walt couldnt let go of me. Brooks finally came up and patted me on the back. Lets go up and get settled.

I pulled away from Walt, feeling a little embarrassed. Then I saw the tears in his own eyes. We really missed you. Both of you.

Brooks shook his dads hand. Im sorry its been so long, Dad. We just needed time.

I felt his hand grabbing mine as we walked up the stairs. When we got to the hallway he stood there for a second. Yours or mine?

I shrugged. Yours?

We went into his room, which was exactly how hed left it. I sat down on his bed and watched him kneel in front of me. How are you doing?

They dont hate me.

He placed his hands on my knees. I know youre freaking out. Close your eyes and breathe, Kat.

I did as he said and my breathing finally calmed.

Is it better?

I nodded. He stood up. We should probably put B in your room. I bet Dad even has some of those things in the attic so she wont fall out of bed.

How can you be so calm about this? It was driving me crazy.

Because they cant change anything. Were here and Bs here. It is what it is. Its also the same reason that I came after you that first night. I couldnt change whats happened, but I sure as hell could change the future.

You told me that wed never be together.

He laughed and shook his head. I said that so youd push me away. If you were happy then I wasnt going to ruin it for you.

Youre unbelievable.

Id like to think Im generous.

Not fighting for me is stupid, plain and simple.

Its a good thing I didnt have to. You came to your senses faster than I thought you would.

He leaned in and kissed me, so softly that it instantly became more. We went from sitting in front of each other, to him lying on top of me on his bed. My hands were under his shirt running up his warm skin. I wanted him to make all of my worries go away. Finally he pulled away, and laughed. We need to go downstairs.

I grabbed him between the legs. Are you sure?

Brooks stood up and readjusted himself, so his erection wasnt as noticeable. I couldnt stop staring at it and licking my lips. He pointed at me. Stop it. You can have your way with me later. Right now we need to go downstairs and clear the air. Youre clearly stalling.

I rolled my eyes and held out my arms for him to pull me to a standing position. When I got up next to him, he brushed my lips with his thumb. I closed my eyes and whispered, I love you, Brooks.

He kissed me one more time, passionately. Not as much as I love you, Kat.

We changed our clothes since it was no longer chilly outside, and headed downstairs. Walt and Danica were sitting at the table with B. She was propped up with old phone books eating some cut up turkey. They both smiled when we came in. Grab the mayonnaise when you walk by the refrigerator, will ya? Walt acted as if no time had passed. I smiled and grabbed it, while Brooks sat down next to B. It was a little awkward sitting there in silence as they thought about what to ask us first.

I knew theyd have one burning question and I was fully prepared to answer it. Rather than have them nervous about asking, I decided to just blurt it out. Shes Brooks daughter. When I found out I was pregnant I had them check on the date of conception several times. I wasnt with Branch at all the whole month of December. Brooklyn was born September 11th, if you need to check on the math.

Not only did I shock both Danica and Walt, but Brooks put his hand on my knee and gave me a crazy look. Now that you know, can we talk about something else?

For a few seconds the room felt extremely tiny. I felt like the biggest idiot. Sorry. I know you were going to ask and I also know that Brooks and Branch have identical DNA. Anyone would want to know.

Danica reached over and smiled. Katy, we werent going to ask.

I was confused. Id been engaged to Branch and was claiming that one night with Brooks had gotten me pregnant. Anyone would question that. I dont understand. Youd just believe me?

Walt cut in. We assumed Branch told you. When he proposed to you, we told him to tell you.

Tell her what? Now Brooks wanted to know.

Branch cant have kids. He was born with a tumor on his testicle and they had to go in and cut out part of the tube that sends the semen into the penis. Hes sterile.

My mouth dropped. He knew I wanted children, I mumbled.

Brooks started laughing uncontrollably. That bastard. I cant believe the levels he stooped to keep us apart. Youre telling us that he knew he couldnt have kids?

Thats exactly what were telling you, son, Walt stated.

Brooks grabbed two rolls and dropped one on the plate in front of me. This day just keeps getting better.

I kicked him with my foot under the table, as if we were kids again. He was acting inappropriate and he knew it.

Sorry, we were just worried that youd think we were lying to keep Branch from B.

Walt folded his hands. Im feeling a bit disturbed myself, Katy. It seems theres a lot of things that Branch did that we werent aware of. If we would have known, we never would have let you accept his proposal.

Danica cut in. Of course not. Katy, we knew how Brooks felt about you. I never could understand what made you pick Branch. I mean, I love both of my sons, but theyre very different. I should have said something back then, I suppose.

I placed both of my hands palms down on the dining room table. Brooks and I have decided that were not going to dwell on whats already been done. We cant change any of it. I looked at Brooks. Aside from his shoving half of a sandwich into his mouth all at one time, he was still smiling. We just want to move forward, with our daughter and our future.

B started laughing from across the table. I turned to see the culprit and noticed Brooks showing her his mouth full of food. I hit him with my elbow. He crunched his body up and started coughing and laughing at the same time. B laughed more.

I can see that some things havent changed. Danica laughed too.

I took a deep breath and look around the table. How about we start over?

Katy, youre home. As much as I would have loved to be a part of your life for the past two and half years, I understand why you felt like you had to leave. Im not going to lie. That morning you left was a day I dont like thinking about, but aside from sending everyone home with their gifts, it wasnt so bad. Walt and I were worried what would happen when you finally saw Brooks again. My mother used to tell me that absence makes the heart grow fonder. You two grew up in the same house. It wasnt hard to believe at all.

I didnt want to hurt anyone. I left because I couldnt bear to see your faces. I thought youd hate me.

We were angry that we let it go as far as it did. Branch hasnt always been forthcoming, but he made it a point to shove everything about the two of you in his brothers face. We accept blame for allowing it to happen. The fact that you two found each other again, just proves that its right.

Brooks grabbed my leg and squeezed it. I looked at him and saw him winking. She thinks you were going to make her sleep in the tree house.

We might make you sleep there, but not Katy, and certainly not little Brooklyn, whos obviously named after her father. I could see the love in Danicas eyes and knew that shed forgiven me. For the time being, I felt happy.

Sure, I wanted to kick the crap out of Branch and his faulty balls, but I had an idea that Brooks was going to handle that for me.

I looked over at my beautiful little girl and finally felt like shed have the family that I always wanted for her. I could see her coming to visit and celebrating the holidays being spoiled like crazy.

Just knowing that made me feel blessed. I had Brooks to thank for it all. We may have been running from our problems at home, but Id never felt safer than how I felt at that very moment.



Chapter 43

We spent the entire afternoon catching up. Danica wouldnt let B get two feet from her. She changed, fed and played with her. Walt took a dozen pictures, making sure to get some of the three of us. I knew theyd be our first family photos together, deeming them priceless.

They wanted to know all about my time away, in which Brooks filled in the blanks with his cleaned up version, that didnt include my marriage or the fact that Id kept him from knowing he had a child. By dinner time, they were done with the questions and only wanted to know when they could come visit. The good thing was that I owned my house. Id had it built from part of my inheritance money. Once I got my legal issues settled, they could come and visit and have plenty of room.

When it got late, after dinner, Brooks and Walt went up into the attic to get the rails for the bed. Walt said that he knew for sure they still had some around.

Danica and I took B up and gave her a bath. It was cool, seeing her in the same tub that Id gotten my baths in. I belonged there, with this family, even without Brooks in my life. Hed brought me home and I felt complete for the first time since Id lost my parents. Id finally found my purpose. Seeing Danica, loving on B, as if shed known her forever and loved her the same made everything make sense.

Shes so beautiful, Katy.

I crossed my arms and stood in the doorway watching her washing her granddaughter. She looks like her daddy. Of course shes beautiful.

Ill have to get out the baby pictures, so you can show her. Its uncanny, really. When I saw her I knew she was his. I couldnt remember seeing her so happy. My little miracle had that kind of effect on people.

I just wish Brooks could have been home when she was born. Hes missed so much being away.

Danica sat back on the tile floor. Dont let that get to you. I think you both needed the time apart. I dont mean that like youre assuming. What I mean is that you needed the time to figure out your feelings. Between the two of us, I think you probably always knew. Youve favored Brooks since the three of you were babies.

I laughed. I never really thought about it. When we were kids we all three loved each other. It was so innocent back then.

Honey, we all grow up. We make mistakes and we learn from them. I wish that you all didnt have to hurt each other so much, but everyones happy now. Even Branch seems content with his life.

He wont be happy to know Im here. Im sure Im the last person he and Melissa ever want to see again. Not that I wanted to see him. I was going to shove my foot as far up his ass as it would go, if I ever did.

Katy, its none of my business, but maybe it would do you all some good to work things out.

I shrugged, not feeling like talking about seeing Branch, at all. I dont know. I cant make a decision like that without Brooks.

I knew she was disappointed, wanting her whole family together again, especially since knowing about B.



She removed B from the tub and wrapped her in a towel. The guys were in the bedroom, putting up the rails that had been covered in plastic. We pulled it off, while Danica helped her get pajamas on. I reached in her bag and got out her favorite book. B, do you want Mama or Daddy to read it?

Daddy and Mama.

We looked at each other and laughed. More than her asking us both to do it together, shed once again called Brooks Daddy, which I knew melted his heart.

Danica and Walt both gave her kisses before leaving us to be alone. I turned all of my attention to my two Bs, watching them interacting together and loving every minute of it. Even after shed fallen sleep, we lay there, all three of us together, in the quiet room, until Brooks sat up and reached for me to join him.

We found his parents downstairs in the family room, drinking wine. They had two glasses for us, and I was too embarrassed to tell them that I really didnt drink. Brooks sat down with his arm around my back. I knew, as long as we were together, we could get through anything.

Weve been talking while you were putting B down. Listen, I know youll both have a hard time with it, but we want to have your brother and Melissa over before you leave. Were a family, all of us. So much time has passed and we never know when something could happen. Danicas words cut like a knife through me. I knew we had to face Branch and even Melissa. We didnt have to be best friends, but at least be cordial so that Danica and Walt could finally feel like they had their family back. Throughout the day Id seen how much they missed us. With Branch and Melissa still living at least an hour away, they were lonely. Now, with a new granddaughter, they wanted a fresh start.


Brooks turned and looked at me like he was in disbelief. Wait, did you just say okay?

Yeah. We can handle Branch and even my ex best-friend Melissa. Some more of this wine might be necessary though.

Everyone laughed.

We talked more about where we were living and if they could come and visit. I wasnt sure if things would calm down by Christmas, so Brooks and I promised to visit for the holidays. His schedule, being that he was injured was questionable. Based on the fact that my house was paid for, and Brooks made good money, I wouldnt need to work. Any reason to stay home with B was a good one for me.

While sitting with his parents we were planning our future without them knowing that we hadnt done it already. Brooks never stopped touching me. No matter what he was doing or how he was sitting, his hand was always somewhere on me. I took comfort in knowing that if I fell hed always catch me. I didnt know how, but I was falling more in love in with the man by the minute.

When it got late, we said our goodnights and headed up to go to sleep. Brooks checked on B before meeting me in his bedroom across the hall. After a little too many glasses of wine, I was feeling like I could conquer the world, and an erotic dance.

I dont even know why hed packed them, but his fatigues were packed snugly in his bag. I pulled out the jacket and grabbed the boots, before hiding in his closet to undress.

Brooks came into the room looking around for me. He must have thought I was in the bathroom, because once he was down to his underwear, he started climbing into bed, as if he knew something was about to happen.

I pushed open the double closet doors, wearing only his camo jacket and his extra-large boots. The jacket, which was left hanging open, was giant on me, but from the look on his face, he could have cared less. I trotted my way toward the bed, assuming that my strut was sexy. Brooks put his hands behind his head and had a huge smile on his face. About four feet from the bed, I tripped over my own feet and went face first into the mattress.

My knee was skinned and I was completely embarrassed, yet too drunk to care. I sat there, with my breast hanging out, laughing hysterically.

Brooks slid off the bed, silently making fun of me, while he checked my knee. Are you alright?

I feel like an idiot. This was supposed to be sexy.

He touched his jacket and looked at the rest of my body that was supposed to be hidden. Trust me, Kat, youre extremely sexy. Maybe next time you can go without the boots. He pulled them off of me one at a time and helped me back up. I felt his hands reaching in and tugging off the jacket. When it fell onto the floor, I was standing there, completely naked in his arms.

You really think Im sexy?

He kissed me slowly, taking his time to answer. I cant wait to get you in the pool tomorrow.

I thought about the pool and it being dark outside. Mix that with half a bottle of wine and a very lightweight drinker, and my idea was probably outrageous. How about we go swimming right now?

He bit down on his lip and smiled. Dont tempt me with your nakedness, woman. Im weak when it comes to you.

You make me happy. The room was starting to spin and I was giggling even when things werent funny.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the bed. We can swim tomorrow.

I sat back up. Can we make love now?

He laughed more and I felt like he was making fun of me. He touched my thigh and ran his hand up between my legs. You want to make love with my parents downstairs and our daughter across the hall?

Is this a trick question?

Brooks walked his fingers from my belly button to one of my breast. He flicked the tip, causing me to jump. Can you be quiet?

I snickered. Probably not.

He was laughing too, but only had to cover my loud mouth so I didnt wake up B. With his face against my ear he whispered, If you can be really quiet, Ill make love with you. Can you be quiet, beautiful?

I nodded.

Brooks placed kisses on my skin as he slid down between my legs. I hadnt expected it, but there he was playing with my sex and peering right at me. Close your eyes.

I let my head fall to the pillow and felt his warm tongue penetrating me. Every one of my senses came alive as I pictured in my head what his tongue was doing to me. Each stroke of his slippery muscle sent chills from my toes to my nipples. When fingers came into play, I lost control.

It felt too good.

I couldnt take it.

I screamed out loudly, filling the whole house with my tremendous orgasm.

When I realized what Id done, I shot up in the bed and looked right at Brooks. My hand covered my mouth as he shook his head and wiped off his face. You suck at keeping quiet.

I couldnt help it, I whispered, knowing his parents had heard us. I pulled the covers over my head. Im never going downstairs.

He rubbed me between my legs. Youre going to have to put a sock in your mouth, because Im not even half way finished.

I kicked the covers off my feet and looked right at him as he climbed on top of me. If this was my last moments without being able to look them in the eyes, at least we could make it worth it. Ill be quiet this time.

He kissed my lips and the scent of me lingered on them. I dont care how loud you get. Do you have any idea how long Ive wanted to do this is my bedroom with you?

I slapped his back. Youre funny.

Youre mine, Kat. Youre finally all mine.

And I was, utterly and completely his. My mind, body and soul belonged to this man.



Chapter 44

Though it was a bit embarrassing, I managed to go downstairs for breakfast the next morning when they called up the stairs that it was ready. It was also a must when we found that B was already out of bed and had been changed from her pajamas that were folded on top of her pillow. Brooks walked around in his underwear, as if he still lived there, while I rummaged through my old dresser drawers to find a real pair of pajama pants.

He didnt have to force me to put on one of his army shirts. I got a kick out of wearing them around, knowing that they were his. Brooks put on a pair of shorts before walking downstairs, pulling me behind him.

Two adults were at the table smiling when we walked into the room. B saw us, but she was too busy shoveling food into her mouth to say anything. We both headed for the coffee pot and I watched as Brooks poured me a cup and made them both the same. Cream and one sugar was the perfect blend. He handed me mine and winked. Just how you like it.

I took a sip before walking over to the table and sitting down.

Did you two sleep well?

Brooks sat his cup down and started filling his plate with food that had been set out on the table. He didnt look up at either of them when he replied. Go ahead and ask the burning question. Im sure you all heard Kat. Apparently we need to watch giving her wine, because she takes all of her clothes off and hides in my closet.

They started to laugh.

Oh, it gets better. She put on my boots and jacket and thought that she was going to be sexy. After two steps she fell down face first. After that, we slept pretty good, right Kat?

Even though hed told them about my embarrassing attempt at being sexy, it had eluded them from thinking that what they heard was us having sex. They werent stupid and obviously we were plenty old enough, but I still didnt want them thinking that wed disrespect them, even if thats sort of what we did, or what I did.

I smiled and covered my face with my coffee. Im okay, if anyone is concerned.

After that they seemed to not even care about the loud moaning coming from Brooks room. Instead, they wanted to let us know that theyd already gone ahead and contacted Branch.

So I sent Branch and email this morning asking them to come to dinner Friday night. Im waiting to hear back, but they both get off early during the week, since they live on the other side of the bridge, but work over here. The traffic gets so bad on the weekends that sometimes they get stuck in it for hours. I let them know that there is plenty of room for them to stay the night and go home on Saturday. Walt seemed excited, as did Danica, me not so much.

Brooks, who was busy sticking his tongue through a hole in a pancake to make B laugh, didnt even act like he heard his father talking. He was too amused with teaching our child everything she shouldnt do at the table.

Brooks Michael, dont teach her that! I had to laugh when Danica brought out the middle name, like we were kids and he was in for it.

Ive decided that since Im a parent now I can make my own rules. If B wants to play with her food she can, as long as she still eats it.

I rolled my eyes and started making my plate.

So, we were talking last night, and Mom and I want to know if the two of you have any plans yet? Are you going to finally get married?

They thought we were already living together, and I guess at this point we sort of were. Wed been together every night since Id left Bobby and I planned on him moving in with me when we got back, as long as the protective order was issued and I could feel safe taking B there. The last thing I wanted was Brooks walking around with military issued weapons. That didnt sit well with having a toddler running around.

Were not in a hurry to do it. Brooks began. I mean, Ive been gone a long time. Weve just found each other again. Were happy the way things are, and when the time is right, I suppose well get that piece of paper. For now Ive got everything I want already.

The Valentines werent old fashioned, but they knew me. They knew Id always wanted a big wedding.

Thankfully they never mentioned it.

After breakfast, Danica and Walt asked us if they could take B to meet a couple of their friends. I was nervous about her going somewhere, since we didnt live near a big city, but knew theyd take care of her.

As soon as they left, Brooks had ideas to occupy ourselves. Get your suit on and meet me out back.

Its ten in the morning. You want to go swimming now?

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