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III. Grammar Exercises. 6. Write down the following verbs in the form of Participle II:

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6. Write down the following verbs in the form of Participle II:

to go, to increase, to begin, to buy, to sell, to make, to play, to write, to bring, to specialize, to operate, to understand, to expand.

7. Put the words in brackets in the Passive Voice:

1. Every society (to face) with the identical problem, the problem of scarcity.

2. The need to chose (to impose) on us all by our income, wealth and ability to borrow.

3. Individuals and families (to limit) by the size of their personal income, savings and ability to borrow.

4. In a free market economy, prices (to determine) by the interaction of the forces of supply and demand.

5. When two goods satisfy similar needs, they (to describe) as substitutes.

8. Turn the following from Active Voice into Passive Voice:

1. Profits, savings and borrowing power limit business firms.

2. Frederick Taylor provided a notable impetus to industrial management.

3. Keynes wrote many books.

4. The competitive system will determine business ethics.

5. Great complexity of organization and administration characterize the operation of large business firms.

6. Two or more persons own a business organization.

7. Sir Joseph Binks gives Tom a small cheque.

8. They gave Uncle Tom a cheque and a railway carriage.

9. Translate the following sentences into Russian paying attention to the functions of Participle II:

1. Salaries refer to earnings paid on a weekly or monthly basis.

2. The term «wage» typically refers to the earnings of workers paid by the hour or unit of production.

3. Used in certain ways, wealth can earn income.

4. Natural resources are the things provided by nature that go into the creation of goods and services.

5. Nearly 90 percent of goods and services produced in the U.S. each year come from privately owned firms.

6. Shares are traded in organized markets such as the New York Stock Exchange.

10. Express the following in Russian:

1. The more you know about the subject, the better career decisions you will be able to make.

2. For their part, entrepreneurs seek as much profit as they can extract from their operations.

3. As a rule, the more scarce something is the higher its price will be, and the fewer people will want to buy it.

4. The higher the price, the greater the incentive to produce and sell the product.

11. Form adjectives with the help of suffixes:

-al: economic, nation, production, education, profession.

-able: to change, to exchange, to read, fashion, mistake.

12. Form adverbs with the help of the suffix «-ly»:

economical, political, different, rapid, definite, historical, complete, formal, practical, particular.

13. Read the text and retell the contents in Russian:

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