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General Questions

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Direct Speech Indirect Speech
He asks me, «Are you a worker?» He asks me if I am a worker.
He asked me, «Are you a worker?» He asked (me) if I was a worker.
He asked her, «Were you a student?» He asked (her) if she had been a student.

8. Put the verbs in brackets into their correct forms:

1. I thought that you (to arrive) at some decision.

2. I believed that a long-term loan (to be) absolutely necessary for that program.

3. I didn’t know if you (to apply) for this job.

4. They said they (to work) seven hours a day.

5. Did he say that there (to be) a lot of problems with this agreement?

6. The manager said that we (to need) to reduce the amount of corporate income tax.

9. Change the direct speech into indirect speech:

1. The manager asked, «Does this project require long term financing?»

2. The director asked, «Are we repaying debts in due time?»

3. He asked, «Did this debt carry interest?»

4. The head of the company asked the Board of Directors, «Are we able to repay the loan?»

5. The manager asked the customer, «Can you wait a little longer?»

6. The customer asked, «Were the terms specified in any agreement?»

10. Translate the following sentences:

1. Markets provide a kind of economic polling booth for buyers to cost their votes for the goods and services they want.

2. Promotion is a key part of marketing because it is the way business get their messages to consumers.

3. Economists focus on the way in which individuals, groups, enterprises and governments seek to achieve efficiently any economic objective they select.

4. Let’s suppose that you recently managed to save enough to buy the CD player you always wanted.

11. Translate the sentences:

1. The railways of Russia are much longer than those of England.

2. The climate of the Crimea is warmer then that of the Ural.

3. Our resources of oil are greater than those of Poland.

4. The rivers in the West of our country are not so long as those in the Eastern part.

12. Translate the following. Try to understand the meaning of suffixes:

Example: watch (N) - watchful (A)

наблюдение - наблюдательный

life (N) - lifeless (A)

жизнь - безжизненный

1. a sleepless night; 2. moonless night; 3. childless family; 4. helpless people; 5. wonderful evening; 6. a starless black sky; 7. a watchful man; 8. landless farmers; 9. a jobless man; 10. a powerful monopoly; 11. a hopeful project; 12. a painful problem.

13. Translate English jokes.

The young candidate for admission to the navy was being given a test to determine his general education. One of the questions puts to him was: «What kind of animals eat grass?» The young man fidgeted and looked out of the window, but apparently could think of no answer.

«Come, come», said the admiral who was examining him, «Surely, you can answer a simple question like that: what kinds of animals eat grass?»

The boy brightened up. «Animals!» he exclaimed, «I thought you said admirals.»



Unit 9


Grammar: 1. Passive Voice.

2. Пассивные конструкции характерные для английского языка.

3. Формы инфинитива.

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