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Синтаксические функции инфинитива и способы их перевода на русский язык.

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1. To answer is not easy Отвечать ...
Часть сказуемого
2. To live is to create. We are to create ... творить  
3. Science teaches you to create. ... творить
4. The work to be done isn’t easy. ... которую нужно сделать ...
He was the first to answer this question. ... кто ответил ... ответил
5. To answer this question you are to know the subject well. Чтобы ответить ... Для ответа ...
In order to work here you are to be an experienced specialist Для того, чтобы...

6. State the forms and functions of the infinitive. Translate the following:

1. To complete a journey round the sun requires nearly 29 1/2 years. 2.Steel output is to go up in the next years. 3. To prolong this discussion is to waste time. 4. I only want to be given my chance. 5. Does this mean that to think is the same thing as to utter words? 6. This record, one may assume, is to serve some subsequent purpose. 7. To move in space calls for quite new concepts of energy. 8. He linked to be looked upon as businessman. 9. Then an incident occurred to disturb the monotony of life. 10. I have turned aside to discuss these matters.

7. Translate the following into Russian paying attention to the Infinitive as an attribute:

1. There is one more phenomenon to be involved into this solution. 2. The data to be analysed involve knowledge of production management’s methods. 3. Dalton’s atomic theory was the first to make successful use of the old Greek theory of atoms in chemistry. 4. The traditional role of science is to make people healthy and the world a brighter place to live in. 5. The Sun is the first object to be studied by rocket astronomy. 6. All the attempts to confirm this suggestion have failed. 7. She gave him a list of a few books to be read. 8. I was present at an experiment - perhaps, the thousandth to have taken place.

8. Translate the following into Russian paying attention to the Infinitive as an adverbal modifier:

1. Laws were not made to be broken, laws were made to stay within. 2.Sometimes you retreat in order to advance. 3. The foreperson was too busy to see anyone. 4. He was so weak as to unable to work. 5. The executives found the problem too difficult to solve. 6. It’s still too early to speak about the efficiency of this method. 7. In these areas the land is too unproductive to support a flourishing agricultural population. 8. The results of voting are enough to generate discussion on the pages of learned periodicals.

9. Read and translate the dialogue:

Jay Richards is consulting his financial adviser:

Jay: As a matter of fact, I'm thinking of starting an automobile agency. Could you tell me how I should finance this business?

Adv: Sure, Jay. If you've got some money of your own, you can operate on a cash basis: no credit given, no money borrowed. But a firm of this kind is usually a short lived one.

Jay: Shall I get credit from the bank then?

Adv; Not necessarily. You may just as well go to any insurance company and they will be only glad to help you, or at least they will try to show it.

Jay: Suppose I get their money to construct a building. But I'll need a lot more money to pay for the tools and equipment.

Adv: Oh, that's not a problem either. The car manufacturers will pay for it on a credit basis. And of course, you will get a loan from the bank to pay other expenses.

Jay: But that will mean a lot of money! How shall I pay it back?

Adv: Don't worry! The more money you invest the more rapid the progress you will make. You will certainly have idle money very soon. But do not let it stay idle. Invest and get profit out of it.

Jay: O.K. Thanks for the advice. I'll call in later for more details, if you don't mind.

Adv: Of course I don't. I'll be glad to see you any time of the day.

10. Form abstract nouns with the help of given suffixes:

1. noun + -age

coin, cover, pilot, parent, pack, percent,

2. noun/adjective + -dom

free, wise, king

3. noun + -hood

neighbour, child, brother, mother

4. adjective + -(i)ty

mortal, electrical, minor, major

5. verb + -al

refuse, propose, arrive, dispose

11. Chose antonyms:

payment - a). expense; b). expenditure; c). nonpayment.

agreement - a). disagreement; b). refusal; c). reduction.

employment - a). occupation; b). unemployment; c). freedom.

useful - a). helpless; b). applied; c). harmful; d). useless.

12. Read the text and retell it in Russian:

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