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One of the things that all students can do to improve their English is to watch English television shows. It helps build vocabulary, its good listening practice and its fun.


For your holiday homework you will be watching the greatest television show in the history of mankind. This show is televisions Shakespeare; it is a true American masterpiece and it is Mr. Robertshaws favorite. Its The Simpsons.


Instructions and Requirements

1. You must watch all ten episodes.

2. You must choose 4 of the Single Episode Response topics below. You must write at least 200 words in each of your responses.

3. You must write about all 5 of the Multi-episode topics below. Each response must be at least 200 words unless otherwise specified.

4. By the time all of your responses are written, you must have referred to every episode at least once.

5. Your responses must be posted on Moodle on time. See the schedule below.


Single Episode Responses


Episode: Kamp Krusty


Bart and Lisa expect to go to an exciting summer camp, but when they arrive, they discover that the camp is very different from the camp that was advertised.

Have you ever had an experience like this? Explain your experience and compare it to the experiences of Bart and Lisa.


Episode: Lisa the Beauty Queen


When Lisa is depressed because she thinks shes unattractive, Homer sells his ticket to ride on the Duff blimp in order to register Lisa in a beauty pageant. He sacrifices his own happiness for his daughters happiness. Did he make the right choice? Why?


Episode: Itchy and Scratchy the Movie


Homer and Marge punish Bart for his bad behavior by forbidding him watch a movie that he has been dying to see.

Have you ever been punished by your parents and thought it was unfair? Compare your experience with Barts.

Episode: Marge vs the Monorail


The town decides to buy a monorail, but it turns out to be a poor decision. Discuss how this episode uses foreshadowing to show the audience that the town should have been more careful with their money.


Episode: I Love Lisa


Lisa does a kind deed to make Ralph feel better on Valentines day, but Ralph takes this message the wrong way and falls in love with Lisa. What should Lisa have done to solve this problem?


Episode: New Kid on the Block


Bart falls in love with an older girl. Discuss how Bart feels when he first meets Laura and how he feels after he discovers that Laura likes another guy?


Episode: Whacking Day


When Barts expelled from school, Marge becomes his teacher. Discuss what Bart learns from studying with his mother and how he changes as a result.



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