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Task 44. Read the text and render its contents in Russian without using a dictionary.

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The Sentence of the Court is …

If it is someone’s first offence, and the crime is a small one, even a guilty person is often unconditionally discharged1 He or she is set free without punishment.

The next step up the ladder is a conditional discharge. This means that the guilty person is set free but if he or she commits another crime within a stated time, the first crime will be taken into account. He or she may also be put on probation, which means that regular meetings with a social worker must take place.

A very common form of punishment for minor offences is a fine, which means that the guilty person has to pay a sum of money.

Another possibility is that the convicted person is sentenced to a certain number of hours of community service.

Wherever possible, magistrates and judges try not to imprison people. This costs the state money, the country’s prisons are already overcrowded and prisons have a reputation for being ‘schools for crime’. Even people who are sent to prison do not usually serve the whole time to which they were sentenced. They get ‘remission’ of their sentence for ‘good behaviour’.

There is no death penalty in Britain, except for treason. It was abolished for all other offences in 1965. Although public opinion polls often show a majority in favour of its return, a majority of MPs2 has always been against it. For murderers, there is an obligatory life sentence. However, ‘life’ does not normally mean life.


1unconditional discharge – освобождение от наказания

2MP = Member of Parliament – член парламента


Task 45. Speak on the following: according to the British laws a person cannot be tried twice or more times on the same charge. If he has been tried and found not guilty he may not be brought before a court if new evidence of great importance has been obtained to prove his guilt. It seems illogical. What do you think about it?


Task 46. Find the headline matching each of the five newspaper articles; render the contents of the articles in Russian.

Escape Charge

sacking of net user fair

Heysel Case

Murder Charges

rise in youth crime feared

Three men appeared before magistrates in Hertford accused of murdering PC Frank Mason, who died during an armed hold-up at a bank in Hemel Hempstead. Charles McGhee, 30, of Luton; Perry Wharrie, 28, of Lee, South London; and James Hurley, 26, of Luton; and a fourth man, Robert McFarland, of Luton, accused of disposing of property to impede the arrest of the three, were all remanded in custody for three days.

A man appeared in Marylebone magistrates court in London yesterday, accused of escaping police custody at a hospital 13 months ago. Alan Knowlden, 36, was also charged with conspiring to commit armed robbery. He was remanded in custody to appear at a Lambeth Magistrates Court next Friday.

Thefts and burglaries could rise 40% in the next few years because of an increase in the number of young men.

The trial in Belgium of 26 British football fans on charges arising out of the 1985 Heysel Stadium disaster will open in Brussels today, and be adjourned until the autumn. Belgian defence lawyers will appeal for a suspension because they have not had sufficient access to evidence.

An employee who secretly surfed the Internet at work to book a holiday has been sacked for using a company computer for personal reasons. She had made over a hundred holiday searches during office hours over a period of 4 days.


Task 47. Read the headlines below, and then make news reports. Say:

ü Where/when it happened.

ü What happened.

ü What the criminal/victim said.


A) 75-year-old Caught Shoplifting in Supermarket.

B) Local Girl’s Evidence Got Mugger Two Years Prison.


Task 48. Choose the correct word in italics; translate the sentences.

1. The judge prosecuted/sentenced the shoplifter to a month in prison.

2. The 12-year-old boy admitted committing/breaking ten offences.

3. The police officer arrested/caught the motorist for driving a stolen car.

4. A famous lawyer defended/enforced the suspects in the bank robbery case.

5. He was charged/sentenced to 5 years prison yesterday for car theft.

6. Over a hundred witnesses made/gave evidence in the trial.

7. It is the job of the police to prosecute/enforce the law.

8. Police officers caught/ incarcerated the burglar as he broke into the shop.

9. Can the accused/convicted person defend himself in court?

10. The number of road accidents has gone down because the police punish/enforce the speeding laws more strictly.

11. Police officers had been questioning the victim/suspect for five hours before he finally confessed.

12. The police discovered that the car Jack was driving had been robbed/stolen.

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