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Combinations with off and on

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27. Put in the appropriate verb.

1. The fireworks ... off with such a noise that we were nearly deafened. 2. The trade talks which had begun between the two coun­tries were ... off when the fishery dispute began.

3. He ... off on his journey. 4. I can't hear you. Do ... off that vacuum cleaner. 5. The astronaut found the experience of weightlessness strange at first but the feeling ... off after a time. 6. The candidate ... on everyone in his constituency and asked them to vote for him in the impending by-election. 7. Well-off people used to have servants to ... on them. 8. If we can't decide on a play we all want to see we'd bet­ter ... off the theatre party tomorrow. 9. Don't be ... off by her odd appearance; she is really very nice. 10. I said to the shop assistant, "I like this coat; could I ... it on?" 11. You won't ... on very fast with your work if you try to watch television at the same time. 12. Those chalk marks will easily ... off your jacket if you brush it.

13. Almost all workers like to ... off (leave work) at six. It's hard to get anyone to stay on after that. 14. I was practising the bagpipes but I had to ... off because my mother complained about the noise. 15. I think you have enough to do as it is. Don't ... on any more work. 16. They won't be able to have their letters ... on when they are away as they will be on safari. 17. Many of our men are off sick just now. We have been ... on with a skeleton staff. 18. It's really your turn to wash up, Mary, but we'll ... you off this time. You look very tired. 19. When I played in his team he kept shouting advice at me, and this ... me off. 20. I heard two men planning to break into a house. What should I do? You should ... on the information to the police. 21. I don't see why'we should do all the work while he just ... on (watches) and does nothing. 22. Someone is following us! Never mind; ... on walking and pay no attention. 23. Now that we have lost all the money, it's no use ... on me and saying that it's all my fault. 24. The policeman told the crowd standing round the scene of the accident to ... on because they were blocking the road. 25. I don't want to ... on the light in case I waken her. 26. My house was damaged by floods so I had to ... off the guests I had invited for the following week-end. 27. She doesn't usually wear a hat; she only ... one on when she goes to a wedding. 28. ... on. It could do you good to come out for a change. 29. The wedding was planned for the 16th but the bride fell ill so it had to be ... off.

30. My train leaves at eight tomorrow morning. Will you come and ... me off? 31. The Scout ... on his bicycle and hurried away to get help. 32. He doesn't ... on with his family. That's why he doesn't live at home. 33. That new factory is doing very well; the manager has just ... on fifty new workers. 34. The plane ... off at seven and climbed rapidly into the stormy sky. 35. He ... off his jacket and hung it up. 36. He flew his plane under the bridges of the Thames. Why did he do that? I suppose he was just ... off. (attracting attention to/displaying his skill)


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