I. Reading. Read the article and choose the correct item (AC) to complete the sentences (15).

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Read the article and choose the correct item (AC) to complete the sentences (15).


When I visit London one of my favourite things to do is shopping! I really enjoy hunting around for interesting things in the sales, buying something new to wear out on a Saturday night. Or a bit of window-shopping it doesnt cost a penny. Sometimes Ill spend hours just walking around a market having a chat with my friends.


There are lots of different places to go shopping in London. If youre looking for high street shops the kind of shops you will find in most towns, you can go to Oxford Street, but it gets too busy sometimes; it can be difficult to get anywhere! For a less crowded, more relaxing shopping experience, go to Covent Garden you can have an expensive cappuccino, and watch some (free) street theatre at the same time.


Some people like shopping in department stores. The most famous one in London is Harrods in Knightsbridge, but for me, its not modern enough, and too expensive, the sort of place your parents do their shopping. The best of all the big department stores is Selfridges in Oxford Street, its a shoppers paradise, nice clothes but very high prices. Well I can look, cant I?


For the day out walking around a market experience, try Camden. Its exciting, fashionable, and there are lots of lovely things at attractive prices! You can buy cheap jeans and cool second hand clothes in the morning and then get a tattoo and a body piercing later on! If all that shopping is too tiring, you can get some Chinese or Thai food for 2 or 3, sit by the canal and relax. What could be better?


If you think you need to experience more of Londons culture, you might prefer a trip to Greenwich. This is a much more relaxing day out. You can have a walk round the market and shops, and then take in a bit of Londons history it was the birthplace of Henry VIII, Queen Mary and Elizabeth I. Theres also the park, the Cutty Sark (an old ship that was used for transporting tea), and the old observatory ... so much to do, but dont forget the shopping!


Adapted from: www.bbc.co.uk


1. High street shops are ...

Athe most expensive shops in town.

Bshops you can find almost everywhere.

Cstreet markets.


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