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A typical full-service hotel has four main operational divisions: administration, accommodation, food and beverage, engineering. Much the same departments can be found in every big hotel, but the actual details of organization may slightly differ.

Those parts of the hotel whose employees are in everyday contact with guests are sometimes called "front office", while departments whose staff are usually unseen by guests are called "back office".

Administration includes various departments responsible for management, sales, finance, accounting, marketing, PR and personnel.

Accommodation or room division consists of a reservation department, a front office, sometimes called a reception, a concierge or secretarial service, bell service and housekeeping. The Head Housekeeper is in charge of all chambermaids; however, housekeeping is not only about cleaning rooms, but also about keeping all public areas pleasant, clean, tidy and welcoming. Porters/doormen and bellboys also report to the Head Receptionist.

Food and beverage division is in charge of planning, preparation and serving meals and beverages in all dining rooms, bars and lounges. The Banquet department, which organizes all functions in the hotel as well as catering service out of the hotel's premises, is often a part of the food and beverage division, too.

Engineering division is responsible for maintenance and security and also for electrical and mechanical equipment, it may also be charged with swimming pool and fountain operations.

In all hotels the receptions office is thefocal point. Receptionists are expected to be tactful, diplomatic and capable of dealing with members of the public as well as carrying out innumerable tasks that ensure the smooth and efficient running of the office.


division отдел

beverage напиток

front office отдел регистрации и обслуживания гостей

back office служебные помещения гостиницы

staff персонал

responsible for ответственный за

accounting бухгалтерия

bell service система персонального вызова

housekeeping хозчасть

be in charge of руководить

chambermaid горничная

bellboy посыльный в гостинице

premises помещение

maintenance текущий ремонт

be charged with отвечать за

focal point координационный центр

The reception area. front office duties


Almost all of the employees who work at the front desk of a hotel have frequent contact with the public. The front desk is the counter where the guests check in, pick up their keys and mail, request information, deposit their valuables, and pay their bills. It is called the reception area.

The front desk is located in the lobby of the hotel. The lobby is the public entrance area that gives access to the guest rooms, restaurants, bars, shops and other facilities in the hotel. For the convenience of the guests, the front desk is almost always located near the hotel's main entrance. In a large hotel, it is divided into sections. One section is the registration desk, where the guests check or sign in. A second section is the area where the guests pick up their keys, mail and messages. This part of the counter has a rack behind it with pigeonholes for each guest room in the hotel. The third section is an information desk,where the guests can ask for information or make local travel arrangements. This area often includes a mailbox. The forth section is the cashier's desk.The cashiers receive payment from the guests, but also cash checks, make change and exchange foreign currency. Some hotels also offer a transportation desk,where the guests may get advice or help with their travel plans. The hotel's telephone switchboardis also usually located near the front desk.

The employee who checks in arriving guests and assigns them to their rooms is a room clerk.When the room clerk has confirmed the availability of the accommodations, the guest fills in a registration card with his name, home address and other information. The room clerk fills in the room number and the rate the guest will pay. This procedure is called the registration procedure or checking in. In addition to the check-in procedures, the room clerks are also responsible for recording advance registrations.


frequent частый

counter стойка

to check in регистрироваться

to pick up забирать

to deposit valuables отдавать на хранение драгоценности

to pay the bill оплачивать счет

access доступ

convenience удобство

to sign in регистрироваться

cashier кассир

foreign currency иностранная валюта

telephone switchboard телефонный узел

employee служащий

to assign назначать, распределять

to confirm подтверждать

availability наличие

to fill in заполнять



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