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Marketing is essential for the success of both private companies and public organizations. Its purpose is to ensure that the right product is created and made available to the right people. Good marketing is beneficial both for the company / organization creating a product, and for the people who buy it.

The marketing process is central, and involves four steps:

• identification of the customer's needs;

• development of suitable products and services;

• promotion of the products and services;

• monitoring and evaluation.

The first of these involves market research. This tells companies their customers' ages, income levels, interests, needs, satisfaction with current products, etc.

The second step uses a SWOT analysis. The letters stand for:

· Strengths. This refers to the good points of the product you want to market. If a resort hotel has a private beach, but the other hotels in the same area do not, this is one of the hotel's strengths.

· Weaknesses. Poor roads and communications would be considered a weakness for most types of tourism.

· Opportunities are the ways a business can expand or improve its services. If a region signs an agreement with a low-cost airline, this is an opportunity for local tourism suppliers.

· Threats are products or policies that might affect your business negatively. If a competitor offers a holiday similar to yours, but at a lower price, this is a threat.

Using a SWOT analysis, tourism managers can create a product that is better than that of their competitors. The product, however, is only one of four aspects of what is called the marketing mix. These are often referred to as the four Ps, and consist of product, price, place, and promotion.

Price is a crucial part of the mix but getting the price right for a particular product is a very complex business.

Place refers both to the location of the holiday itself, and to how the product is made available to the public. For example, deciding to sell a product directly to the client or through a travel agency is an issue of place.

Promotion in tourism uses a range of promotional techniques. Including advertising, direct, personal selling, public relations, sales promotion.



purpose цель

to ensure обеспечивать, гарантировать

beneficial выгодный

to create создавать

promotion продвижение, раскрутка

to monitor отслеживать, наблюдать

to evaluate оценивать

market research изучение рынка

income level уровень дохода

SWOT analysis СВОТ-анализ, ситуационный анализ

strengths сильные стороны

weaknesses слабые стороны

opportunities возможности

threats опасности

to consider считать

to improve усовершенствовать

to sign an agreement подписать соглашение

a competitor конкурент

marketing mix составляющие маркетинга

crucial решающий

issue вопрос

advertising рекламная деятельность



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