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At the Lessen

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  1. The problem with “victim thinking" is that it lessens the expectation that the child will learn to take care of himself in the adult world.

"Well, Alex, how much is two plus one?" asked the teacher, "I don't know, sir," answered the boy. "Well, Alex! Fancy I give you two dogs and then one dog more. Mow many dogs have you now?" "Four dogs," the boy answered timidly. "Why, Alex?" "Because I have one dog already, sir."


One morning a boy was going by a London bus to school. He had a cold and was sniffing all the time and so loudly that the people began to look at him and shake their heads. An old gentleman was sitting next to the boy. He suffered the boy's sniffing for some time but at last lost his patience and said: "Haven't you got a handkerchief, my boy?"

"Yes, I've got a clean handkerchief in my pocket," said the boy, "but I can't let you have it. Mother says it is not polite to ask anybody for a handkerchief. You must use your own."

SECTION SIX Compound Tunes

In sense-groups with the High Falling or Falling-Rising nuclear tone there may be one or more other words marked by a relatively high falling tone. The function of such Falls is to provide a greater degree of prominence for the words on which they occur. All other words of the head are not stressed. The attitude expressed by the sentence is not changed but the utterance sounds emphatic. In this case the head is called Sliding.


1. Listen carefully to the following conversational situations. Concen­trate your attention on the intonation of the replies:

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