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Listen to a fellow-student reading the replies. Tell him (her) what his (her) errors in pronunciation are.

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6. listen to your teacher reading the Verbal Context below. Reply by using one of the drill sentences. Pronounce it with Intonation Pattern XII. Say what attitude you mean to render:

Verbal Context Drill
I'm twenty-two today. Really?
I like the way he speaks. You do?
I believe he is in St. Petersburg now. In St. Petersburg?
They spent the whole day on the beach. The whole day?
Will you pass me the pencil, please. The red one, you mean?
It's getting warmer. You think so?
Where are you going? Where?
How much do I owe you? How much?
Why couldn't you warn me? Why couldn't I?
How do you like his new essay? His new what?
I'm exhausted. You're what?
What did he promise that day? What did he promise?
He is a talented young man. Is he?
I'm afraid I can't believe it. Can't you believe it?
We don't blame him for all that. You don't?
I can't force him to go there. Can't you force him?
They haven't changed anything here. Haven't they?
I enjoyed every minute of it Did you?
Splendid) Splendid?
Show him out! Show him out?
Give it up! Give it up?
Disgusting! Disgusting?
Hurry up! Hurry up?
Leave it as it is! Leave it?

Respond to the following sentences. Use Intonation Pattern ХП casing for a repetition of the information already given.

Model: This sad story made the listeners cry.

— æMade the 'listeners 'do 'what?

I want you to ring me up again.

You æwant me to 'do 'what?

The boy's behaviour made me think he was ill.

His stare made me feel ill at ease.

The rain made us return home.

The cold made us put on our coats.

The play made us laugh a lot.

His letter made me change my plans.

The foreigner wants me to tell him something about my country.

She wants you to leave her alone.

He wants you to start immediately.

She wants her son to enter the University.

He wants us to go there at once.

He wants me to translate this article.

This exercise is meant to develop your ability to near and reproduce intonation in different speech situations.

a) listen to the dialogue "At the Station" carefully, sentence by sentence. Write it down. Mark the stresses and tunes. Your teacher will help you to correct your variants. Make a careful note of your errors in each tune and work to avoid them. Practise reading each sentence of your corrected variant after the cassette-recorder.

B) Record your reading. Play the recording back immediately for the teacher and your fellow-students to detect your errors. Practise the dialogue for test reading. Memorize it. Play it with a fellow-student.

9. Make up conversational situations, using the following phrases:

Try and find me ... if you can. You're due to arrive at... .

Have you got your ... yet, sir? Well, I've still got a few

Not yet. minutes to spare.

Come along with me and I'll.. . Mind you don't miss the ....

Here it is. That's all right.

Do I have to ...? It won't take me more than

Here you are. five minutes to ... .

What time do we get to ...?

10. Read the following dialogues. Define the communicative type of the sentences and say what attitudes you mean to convey:

— There you are, then, I thought you might be here earlier. Was your train late?

— No, I don't think so; just about on time. Which one did you think I was catching then?

— Wasn't it the one that gets in at five ten?

— No, that's Saturdays only. Didn't you know?

— Of course, how silly of me, anyway, it doesn't matter.


— Excuse me, will this road take me to the station?

— Yes, straight on. Turn to the left when you get to the end. You'll see a notice there. You can't go wrong.

— Is it far?

— About three or four minutes.

— Thank you very much.

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