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Stress-and-tone marks in the text: the High Pre-Head | ~ j.

The High Pre-Head never contains any stressed syllables. Before the High Fall it is said on the same pitch as the beginning of the fall. Before any other nuclear tone or any head the pitch of the High Pre-Head is higher than the beginning of the following stressed syllable.

As compared to the Low Pre-Head the High Pre-Head is used to add vivacity, liveliness or excitement to the attitudes expressed in the sentence.



Model: -I \do /think it's a Ipity.

1. Listen carefully to the following conversational situations. Concentrate your attention on the intonation of the replies:

Verbal Context Drill
You won't forget, will you? Indeed I won't.
I'd love to help. I know you would.
I don't believe you posted it. I did post it.
John's the winner. He will be surprised.
D'you think he's forgotten? I'm sure he hasn't.
It's no good at all. You're always dissatisfied.
It's quite true, you know. Well you do amaze me.
I tell you I won't accept. How can you be so obstinate?
I haven't time now. When will you have time, may I ask?
That's not much good. Well can you do any better?
What's up? Be quiet for a minute,
Shall I or shan't I ask them? Oh do make up your mind.
Hullo, Jack. Good evening, Mr. Dean.
We've got to work on Saturday. Oh no!
I have to go now. What a pity you can't stay longer.

Listen to the replies and repeat them in the intervals. Make your voice rise high when pronouncing the initial unstressed syllables.

Listen to the Verbal Context and reply to it in the intervals.

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