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Listen to a fellow-student reading the replies. Tell him (her) what his (her) errors in intonation are.

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6. Listen to your teacher reading the Verbal Context below. Reply by using Sliding Head + High Fall in the drill sentences. Say what attitude you mean to render:

Verbal Context Drill
And now what sweet will you have, Mary? I'd prefer a piece of apple tart.
How many sons has she got? I haven't the slightest idea.
He is not coming. He's an appointment. You ought to have informed me before.
You know Peter very well, I expect. No, I've never met him in my life.
How much is the fare? I've no idea.
And what do you think of London, Mrs. Thompson? I've never been here before. I like it so much.
Now what would you choose? I don't want anything.
What will you do this afternoon? I am planning to see the Picture Gallery.
I have a free afternoon today. Well why not go sightseeing?
I suggest we should go to the cinema. Which film would you prefer to see? Have you any particular film in mind?
That was Peter on the phone. Why didn't you ask him about the books he had borrowed?
I can't find my pen anywhere. Are you sure you didn't leave it at the Institute?
What are you looking for, Ann? Have you seen my umbrella anywhere?
I had a bad fall from the stairs and broke my arm. Have you any pain now?
Come at six on Sunday. Do you really want me to?
Jack doesn't want it. Give it to me, then.
I can't open this — can't someone else try? Give it to me, I'll do it.
I can't come at six. Come whenever it's convenient for you.
What shall I do with my luggage? Leave it in the cloakroom at the station.
I managed to get a ticket. What a piece of luck!
Many happy returns of the day. How nice of you to remember!
Let me do it for you. Thank you very much!
See you tomorrow. My love to all at home.

7. The teacher will suggest the Verbal Context of Ex. 1 and 6. The students will reply to it, using Sliding Head + High Fall. The drill continues until every student has participated. Keep the exercise moving on rapidly.


8. Listen carefully to the following conversational situations. Concentrate your attention on the intonation of the replies. Note all the prominent words of the bead:

Verbal Context Drill
D'you smoke? I do sometimes.
What a nasty cold day! It's bitterly cold. But it's not nasty.
Would he lend me his player? He might if you talked nicely to him.
You broke the window, didn't you? Yes, but not on purpose.
I don't suppose it troubled you much. It wasn't a great deal of trouble. But it wasn't altogether easy.
Can't I take this one? You can if you insist. But the other one's better.
You will play, won't you? I'd rather not.
Can I borrow your penknife? It's not very sharp.
Well what about this colour? It isn't exactly the shade I want
I want those shoes mended quickly. I can't get them done today.
Let me know tomorrow. I doubt whether I can give you an answer by then.
You are not trying. I most certainly am.
We got here about midnight. It wets earlier than that.
Alan's forgotten his umbrella. He always leaves something behind.
Let me have them by tonight. I beg your pardon, but it's out of the question.
Where has he been all this time? He's sorry to be so late, but he was delayed at the office.
Your conduct was inexcusable. Before you jump to conclusions, you might at least hear me out.
What did you think of the lecture? It wasn't exactly sensational, was it?
She's an absolute failure. Now be fair.
We'll leave before dawn. Have a heart. Have a bit of sense.
I think it's going to rain. Oh don't say that.
I'll have this one. No, this. I'm sorry. Well, make up your mind. Well, say it as if you meant it.
Can I come home by myself, Mummy? Well, be careful when you cross the main road.

9. Listen carefully to the replies and repeat them in the intervals. Make your voice fall on the stressed syllables. Start the rise from the lowest pitch and do not go up too high,

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