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Task 1. Open the brackets and use the correct form of the verb.

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  1. A. Read the text, give the English equivalents for the words in brackets, and single out the main items of the income statement.
  2. All the verbs in the box relate to legal matters. Use them in the correct forms to complete the sentences.
  3. B. Compose your own word-combinations or sentences with the use of Participle II of the notional verb.
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  10. Complete these sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets. Translate the sentences into Russian. Follow the model.


1. Every day John (go) to the gym. He (want) to be strong and healthy.

2. Peter (be) a gardener. He (work) in the garden every morning. Now he (plant) roses. He already (plant) five roses. He (work) in the garden since 8 o’clock.

3. Yesterday I (saw) our teacher. She (say) that she already (correct) our tests.

4. Tomorrow they (come) and (do) all the work.

5. Yesterday at 7 o’clock he (play) cards with his friends in the casino. So he (have) an alibi.

6. Tomorrow at this time we (fly) to the South.

7. I (translate) this article by Monday.

8. If you (read) this book, we (discuss) it at the next seminar.

9. When Susan (come) home, the children (play) with their toys.

10. Bob (hurt) his leg, when he (run) after the criminal.

11. When Sam (enter) the room, the burglar already (jump) out of the window.

12. I (not/be) hungry. I already (have) breakfast.

13. You ever (swim) in the ocean?

14. I never (be) abroad.



Task 2. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate duration word from the box of words below. Mind the tenses usage:

By the end of the day; when ; for a long period of time; before; by November 2011; by the time; by the year 2012; soon; by every other evening; ever; tomorrow by 4 pm; by the next December; so far; by the nearest future; before


If you are going to commit crime in Santa Cruz, California _____ , try to be unpredictable. The New York Times reports that _____ _____ _____ _____ the city’s police department will have been using new data analysis software to determine which locals are most likely to see crime on a given day. Based on models for predicting aftershocks from earthquakes, the software generates projections about which areas will have been at highest risk ____ the crimes are committed. _____ _____ _____ the evident efficiency is achieved the experts will have been analyzing and detecting patterns of past crime data _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ . The projections will have been recalibrated in advance, ____ ____ ____ ____ . ____ the Times reporter watches, the software will have helped the police to watch a parking garage that, as it was predicted, would have seen car thefts ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

____ at least. While there, the cops will have picked up two women “peering into cars”. ____ ____ one woman will have been stopped and searched for drugs, while the other one will have faced the other outstanding warrants. Crime databases aren’t new, but the older software programs “will ____ have been calibrated less frequently, since they rely more on humans to recognize patterns, and allocate recourses based on past crimes rather than predicted future offences,” says the Times. If the system works, we will blame or credit the Big Retail ____. “Predicting crimes with computer programs is in some ways a natural outgrowth of the technology that companies like Wal-Mart will have been using routinely to predict the buying habits of customers ____ ____ ____ ____ “. Santa Cruz is in the midst of a six-month study period, but ____ ____ ____ ____ , Santa Cruz will have been testing the prediction method for property crimes like car and home burglary and car thefts. Efforts to systematically anticipate when and where crimes will occur are being tried out in several cities ____ ____. The Chicago Police Department, for example, will have created a predictive analytics unit ____ ____ ____ ____. [15]


Task 3. Form the Past Perfect Continuous Tense in parentheses so as to complete the given sentences:

1. James _______ (teach) at the University of Ottawa for more than a year before he left to Asia.

2. Everything ______ (go) well in my life until my world fell apart several months ago.

3. Hemingway ______(lose) his self-confidence for years before the publication of ‘The Old Man and the Sea’.

4. The two corporate CEOs were very excited because they ______ (negotiate) a big business deal.

5. I ______ (live) there for years before I got married. I ______ (date) dozens of girls before I met someone special.

6. I ______ (wait) for them for thirty minutes before they finally showed up.

7. He ______ (fight) with his PC for a long time until the technician arrived.

8. They danced so nicely because they ________ (practice) a lot.

9. He fell asleep during the lecture because he _______(work) all night.

10. Maggie ______(wait) for two months until she received the reply to her customer complaint.

11. How long _____ you ______(study) Turkish before you moved to Ankara?

12. Sam gained weight because he ______ (overeat).

13. Chef Jones _____ (prepare) the restaurant’s fantastic dinners for two years before he moved to Paris.

14. She ______(only study) law for four years before she got the job.

15. The new vacuum cleaner _____ (already work) for an hour or so when we stopped it for examination.

16. Although the students ______(work) on the project for six weeks, their report was not ready by the due date.

17. Susan _____ (think) about joining the Greenpeace as an International Fundraising Manager for a while when her husband rejected her moves.

18. If I _____ (calculate) our annual expenditures with much diligence, we would have been more successful.

19. I _____ (live) in one pretty small but friendly community for three years before I moved to New York.

20. The jury _____ (decide) its verdict for several hours in the absence of unanimous consideration when the judge effectively gave them a hint to find Jones guilty.[16]


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