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Read the text


Scotland Yard is a popular name for the headquarters of London’s Metropolitan Police. It is called so because it is situated on the place which was named Scotland Yard: here there used to be a residence of Scottish Kings known as ‘Scotland Yard’.

The first plainclothes police agents began to work in Scotland Yard in 1842. In 1878, Scotland Yard set up its Criminal Investigation Department (CID). At that time, CID was a small force of detectives who gathered information on criminal activities. Now CID employs more than 1,000 detectives.

The duties of the Metropolitan Police are detection and prevention of crimes, the preservation of public order, the supervision of road traffic, licensing public vehicles, the organization of civil defense in case of emergency.

The administrative head of Scotland Yard is the commissioner, who is appointed by the Crown on the recommendation of the Home Secretary. There is also a deputy commissioner and four assistant commissioners. Each of the latter is in charge of one of the Scotland Yard’s departments: administration, traffic and transport, criminal investigation (CID), and police recruitment and training. The CID deals with all aspects of criminal investigation and comprises the criminal records office, fingerprints and photography sections, the company fraud squad (a highly mobile unit known as the flying squad), the metropolitan police laboratory, and the detective-training school.

Scotland Yard keeps files on all known criminals in the UK. It also has a special branch of police that guard visiting dignitaries, royalty, and statesmen. Scotland Yard is also responsible for maintaining links between British law-enforcement bodies and Interpol.

4. Answer the following questions:

1. Why did Scotland Yard get its name?

2. When did Scotland Yard set up its Criminal Investigation Department?

3. How many people work in the CID today?

4. What are the duties of the Metropolitan Police?

5. Who is the administrative head of Scotland Yard?

6. What is the structure of Scotland Yard?

7. What is the structure of the CID?


5. Find in the text above the English equivalents for the following words and expressions:

1. правоохранительные органы

2. отдел регистрации преступлений и преступников

3. «летучий отряд»

4. чрезвычайное положение

5. министр внутренних дел

6. Отдел уголовного розыска

7. выдача водительских удостоверений

8. отдел по борьбе с мошенничеством

9. полицейский в штатском

10. преступная деятельность

11. быть назначенным королевой

12. собирать сведения


6. Fill in the gaps in the text below with the words and expressions from the box:

Guards; tap; armored vehicles; bullet-proof; kidnappers; couriers; bug; security firm; private detectives


“Sherlock and Holmes” is a _______ ________ which offers a complete range of security services. We have ______ _______ with special ______ windows to transport money and other valuable items. We can supply trained _______ to protect exhibits in art shows and jewelry displays. We can advise you if you think someone is trying to _______ your phone or _______ your private conversations at home or in the office with hidden microphones. We have ex-policemen whom you can hire as _______ _______ and special ______ to deliver your valuable parcels anywhere in the world. We can protect you or your children against possible _________ . [8]


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