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Task 14. Translate the sentences into English using Active and Passive Voice.

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1.Я не знал, что кто-то нас слушает. 2.Мне кажется, меня никогда не слушают. 3. Кто родился в 1799 году, а умер в 1837? 4. Говорят, что в этом районе есть золото. 5. Шахту придется закрыть. 6. Он делает то, что ему говорят. 7. Такой трюк нельзя повторить дважды. 8. Никому не нравится, когда над ним смеются. - Почему же? Клоунам, наверное, нравится. 9. Он стал старше, но внутренне (inwardly) не изменился. 10. Строятся новые объекты, и выпускаются новые товары - в целом можно сказать, что экономика развивается. 11. Вам уже показали выставку? 12. Как раз сейчас им показывают новые экспонаты (exhibits). 13. Можно ли изменить прошлое?


Task 15. Read the text “The Eight O’clock News”. Observe the passive forms and choose the right answer to the questions given after each episode.

Robert Gibbs, the great plane robber, has been caught in Montina. He was arrested in a Vanadelo night club. He is being questioned at police headquarters, and he will probably be sent back to Britain. Two British detectives left Heathrow earlier this evening, and they will help the police in Vanadelo with their enquiries. In 1978 Gibbs was sentenceв to forty years in prison for his part in the Great Plane Robbery. He escaped from Parkwood Maximum Security Prison in April. Since then he has been seen in ten different countries.

Question: What crime was Robert Gibbs sentenced to forty years in prison for?


Robert Gibbs was sentenced to forty years in prison for

a murder

a burglary

a theft

a plane robbery

a car theft


The strike at Fernside Engineering in Birmingham has ended after talks between trade union leaders and management representatives. The strike began last week after a worker had been sacked. He had had an argument with a supervisor. Five thousand men went on strike. The worker has now been reemployed.

Question: Why has a worker been sacked?


A worker has been sacked because

he had not come to work

he had stolen some tools

he had had an argument with the supervisor


Vic Bostik, the lead guitarist of the Rat’s pop group, is dead. He was found unconscious in his Mayfair flat early this morning. Bostik was rushed to St. Swithin Hospital, but doctors were unable to save his life. A number of bottles, which had been found in his flat, were taken away by the police.

Question: Why was Vic Bostik found unconscious in his flat?


He was found unconscious and dead because

he had committed a suicide

he had overdosed his drugs

he had been murdered by his rival

he had abused alcohol

There was no more news about the famous Lanstable painting, ‘Norfolk Sunset”, which was stolen last night from the National Gallery. The painting, which is worth half a million pounds, was given to the gallery in 1975. It hasn’t been found yet, and all airports and ports are being watched. Cars and trucks are being searched. A reward of 10, 000 has been offered for information.

Question: What crime was committed at the National Gallery?


It was arson


pick pocketing







Jumbo, the Indian elephant which escaped from London zoo this afternoon has been caught. Jumbo was chased across Regent’s Park, and was finally captured at a hot dog stall in Regent’s Park Road. A tranquillizer gun was used, and Jumbo was loaded onto a truck and was taken back to the zoo. At the zoo, he was examined by the zoo veterinary surgeon. Fortunately, no damage had been done, and Jumbo will be returned to the elephant house later tonight.


Question: Who has been caught in Regent’s Park Road?


It was a dog

a giraffe

a bear

a cat

a man

a thief

an elephant

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