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Fill in the gaps in the text below with the appropriate words from the box.

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theft; sentence; charge; fine; fingerprints; oath; arrest; evidence; cell; court; magistrate; handcuff; witnesses; investigate; detained; pleaded; found


A policeman was sent to _______ the disappearance of some property from a hotel. When he arrived, he found that the hotel staff had caught a boy in one of the rooms with a camera and some cash. When the policeman tried to _____ the boy, he became violent and the policeman had to ______ him. At the police station the boy could not give a satisfactory explanation for his actions and the police decided to _____ him with the ______ of the camera and cash. They took his ______, locked him in a ______, and ______ him overnight. The next morning he appeared in _____ before the _____. He took an ____ and ______ not guilty. Two ______, the owner of the property and a member of the hotel staff, gave _____. After both sides of the case had been heard the boy was _____ guilty. He had to pay a _____ of 50 pounds and he was given a ______ of three months in prison suspended for two years. [5]


Dramatize the above text playing the roles of the boy, the policeman, the witnesses, etc.


Use the correct propositions and fill in the gaps in the sentences below.

before; in; of; to; with

He is kept ____ custody

He was sentences ____ five years.

She got a sentence _____ six months.

He was accused _____ murder.

She was charges ____ theft.

He appeared ______ court _____ handcuffs.

They were brought _____ the judge.

Make phrases using the verbs from Column A with nouns in Column B


1. bring a the prosecution

2. conduct b a criminal

3. investigate c blame/right

4. commit/charge with d the evidence

5. punish e a case/an action

6. determine f legal proceedings

7. give/hear g a case/a crime

8. take/start h an offence



A) Put the following events in the correct order.


1. They are convicted of an offence.

2. They are sentences to punishment for an offence.

3. They are tried for an offence.

4. You are suspected of an offence.

5. They plead guilty or not guilty of an offence t the trial.

6. They are arrested for an offence.

7. They a e accused of an offence (=they are charged with an offence)


B) Find synonyms in columns A and B


1 wrong a punishment

2 ask questions b provide facts

3 commit a crime c kill someone by intention

4 arrest d question

5 evidence e investigate

6 sentence f kill someone by accident

7 theft g break into a shop/house

8 rob h take to the police station

9 burgle steal from a shop when open

10 steal j steal from people or places

11 shoplift k break the law

12 murder l illegal, against the law

13 manslaughter m information about the crime

14 capital punishment n stealing

15 try to find out what happened o take

16 prove p death sentence


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