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Match the words in bold in the previous task to the definitions 1-7.

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1) A place where legal decisions are taken.

2) To catch (a thief)

3) Information that helps to show who is responsible for a crime

4) A group of ordinary members of the public who decide if the person is guilty or innocent

5) People who saw a crime

6) Give a punishment

7) The process of deciding if a person is guilty or not.


13. Use the words from the box in the text:


powers; enforcement; investigations; consists; unarmed; court; prosecution; crime


Police officers are usually ______ and there are strict (строгий) limits to police ________ of arrest and detention (задержание). The police service is taking part in international cooperation against ________ . The police service in England _______ of 52 independent police forces working together with the local authorities (местные власти) and each responsible for law _____ in its own territory. Most ______ are initiated by the police but in Scotland the police make the preliminary (предварительный) ________ . As soon as anyone is arrested he or she must be brought before a ______ with a minimum delay. [2]

14. Read the newspaper article below and think of a headline for it. Answer the questions:


1) Why did the judge have to speak to the jury?

2) Why did the judge say the robbery was not a joke?

3) Why did the robbers go into a toy shop?

4) Why did they go into a launderette?

5) Why did Michael fall over?

6) Why did no one reply to Laurence’s demands?

7) Why did Laurence fall over?

8) When did the police arrest the brothers?

9) Do you agree with the judge’s sentence? Why?


Earlier today, a judge at the Central Criminal Court sentenced two men to twelve years in prison for attempting to rob a branch of Chelmsford Savings Bank. During the trial the judge had repeatedly to ask the members of the jury to stop laughing, as they listened to the evidence. In summing up, the judge said the robbery was not funny, but he described the men as pathetic. He continued, ‘If everything had gone according to plan, this would have been no joke.’ He told the jury to find the men guilty.

In January of this year, the two men, brothers, Michael (63) and Laurence Parsons (59), took the bus to Chelmsford town center. They got off just outside the bank but left their bag, containing masks and an old Webley revolver, on the bus. Not wanting to abandon their plans, the men went into a toy shop opposite the bank and bought two clown masks and a toy gun.

The masks were too small and the men had difficulty seeing where they were going. Wearing their masks, they crossed the road, ran into the launderette next to the bank and shouted. ‘This is a stick-up!’ Surprised customers laughed and suggested that they try next door.

At the second attempt, the men found the bank. Witnesses described how Michael slipped and fell on the polished floor as the two men ran into the bank. Meanwhile, his brother went up to a counter, not realizing that it was unattended, pointed his gun and demanded 5,000 pounds. Surprised customers laughed as Laurence repeated his demand. Getting no reply, he decided to give up their attempt, but tripped and fell over his brother who was still on the floor.

Later in the day, the men received treatment in hospital for their injuries. They explained what had happened to the doctor, who then called the police. At first, the police refused to believe the men’s story, but arrested them the following day, when the missing bag was found. [3]



Listening ‘The man who escaped’


Listen to the story and choose the correct answer:

1. This man has…

a) white hair and brown eyes;

b) black hair and blue eyes;

c) grey hair and blue eyes.


2. The temperature is…

a) a few degrees above zero;

b) zero;

c) a few degrees below zero.


3. Baxter’s chief gives him the order to arrest Coke because…

a) he arrested him 2 years ago;

b) he didn’t arrest him 4 years ago;

c) he arrested him 4 years ago.


4. Halls wonders why…

a) Scotland Yard is so interested in this fellow;

b) Baxter came;

c) Baxter is in such a hurry.



Answer the following questions:

A Why do the police think he can’t stay free very long?

B Why is Richard Baxter given an order to arrest Coke?

C Why is Scotland Yard so interested in Coke?[4]


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