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Listen to the information, then complete the table using words from it.

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  Punishment Examples of Crimes
Light Punishment a fine, 1
Heavy Punishment assault and battery
Capital Punishment  

Place a tick next to the response that answers the question.

1 Did Hanna receive a fine?

A - Yes, she has to go to jail for three months.

B - Yes, she has to pay $300.


2 Does the judge agree with capital punishment?

A - Yes, he sent the criminal to jail for two years.

B - No, he thinks it is wrong to kill people who commit crimes.


3 Why did Mr. Thomas trespass on Mrs. Kennedy property?

A - His dog got loose and ran into her yard.

B -She asked him to help her move some furniture.


4 How do criminals get punished for crimes?

A - It depends on what crime they committed.

B - They are arrested by the police.


5 Did the judge put Denise on probation?

A - No, Denise wasn’t there when the crime happened.

B - Yes, but next time she gets in trouble, she is going to jail.

Choose the word or phrase that is closest in meaning to the underlined part.

1 Kevin was charged with assault and battery.

A walking on private land

B attacking and hurting someone

C killing someone


2 Many criminals offend again when they leave the jail.

A commit a crime

B get put on probation

C are punished heavily


3 When someone commits a crime, they need to be punished.

A attacks and hurts other person

B causes someone to suffer for their bad behavior

C does something which is against the law


4 The man was accused of committing murder.

A killing someone

B escaping from jail

C going on someone’s land without permission


5 Mr. Robbins was sent to jail but says he did not commit the crime.

A a room where trials have place

B a building where criminals are kept

C a place where punishments are given out


Listen to two lawyers discussing a criminal’s sentence. Mark the following statement as true (T) or false (F).


1 __ The woman believes that her client deserves probation.

2 __ This is the first time the woman’s client committed a crime.

3 __ The man will seek a jail sentence for the woman’s client.


Listen again and complete the conversation.

Defense Lawyer: Let’s talk about the sentencing. My client doesn’t deserve to go to jail. Will you recommend ___________?

Prosecutor: Why would I do that?

Defense Lawyer: His crime wasn’t violent. He was only ________.

Prosecutor: But he was __________ of assault and battery two years ago.

Defense Lawyer: Yes, but he was punished for that.

Prosecutor: I’m still recommending that he go to _______.

Defense Lawyer: That seems unnecessary for such a small __________.

Prosecutor: I just want him to __________ again and hurt an innocent person.[34]


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