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Listen again and complete the conversation.

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Attorney:Your Honor, I don’t believe that 1_____ four should sit for this trial.

Judge:For what 2_____ ?

Attorney:One of his answers to my questions. He believes that young people are more likely to commit crimes these days.

Judge:And you are worried that he will be 3______ toward the defendant?

Attorney:Yes. My client is only seventeen years old.

Judge:The 4_____ has a point. We’ll release him.

Attorney:Thank you, Your Honor.

Judge:We’ll continue the 5_____ after the 6______ of the court calls in another juror.[40]



Some people consider the jury trial a feature of a democratic society, while the others are sure that jurors, being unprofessional people, cannot be impartial and make valid decision. Formulate your understanding of advantages and disadvantages of the jury system.



Task 1. Form the Future Perfect Progressive Tense verb-form for each verb in parentheses to complete the given sentences:


1. Next year Mr. Trenton ____ (work) in the Worchester County Police Forces for eleven years.

2. By the end of March the investigator and his team ____ (examine) this case for two months.

3. Next Christmas she ____ (conduct) lectures in Criminal law for three academic semesters.

4. By the time he finishes the law school, we ____ (live) in the US for eight years.

5. Mary ____ (pack) her things to leave for an hour when the taxi comes.

6. By the end of the week the police ____ (keep) the suspect under detention for 48 hours.

7. When the sheriff calls, the juvenile offender ____ (tell) the inspector everything he knows about this case.

8. By the end of this hour the jury ____ (discuss) the verdict for 20 minutes the most.

9. Tommy _____ (study) at the Maryland School of law for three months when his parents came to see him.

10. The Mirrar aboriginal people ____ (campaign) to block uranium mining on their traditional land at Jabiluka for 20 years next April.

11. By the end of the pre-trial process the suspected thief ____ (stay) in the detention room for another 2 months.

12. By 2 o’clock we ____ (listen) to the case about money laundering in Mexico for 3 hours.

13. The environmentalist groups including Greenpeace and the Wilderness Society ____ (step up) their protests in Australia’s main cities against the development of the uranium mine for another few weeks.

14. Tomorrow it will be a year as the police ____ (search) for the criminals who robbed the bank.

15. Before becoming a Queen’s Counsel Lord Garringham ____ (serve) as a Law Lord and the certified barrister for 15 years.

16. At 9 o’clock next Monday Judge Orr ____ (preside over) the Special Tribunal on Yugoslavia.[41]

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