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Task 14. Use two or three words to complete the second sentence of each pair so that they mean the same as the first sentence.

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1. We haven’t got any matches to light the fire. – I wish _____ some matches.

2. I can’t afford that skirt. - I wish _____ that skirt.

3. She is very sad that she missed your wedding. - She _____ your wedding.

4. You always make a mess in the kitchen! - I wish _____ make a mess in the kitchen!

5. We were late for the train, so then we missed our flight! - If only _____ late for the train!

6. You live too far away, so we never see each other. - If only ____ closer to me.

7. I can’t do this biology homework. It’s too difficult. - I ____ better at biology.

8. I love China but I can’t speak the language. – I wish _____ Chinese.

9. I ate a disgusting pizza. - I wish _____ that pizza.

10. You’re always complaining! - I wish _____ stop complaining! [68]


Task 15. Choose the correct response.


1. I want to be there with you, but I’m too busy.

A. I wish you were here too.

B. I wish you had been here too.

C. If only you are here too.

2. You’re lazy and your room’s a mess and you haven’t done your homework.

A. I wish you stop criticizing me.

B. If only you shut up!

C. I wish you would stop criticizing me.

3. Our exam is on Thursday.

A. If only we won’t have to do this exam!

B. I wish we didn’t have to do this exam!

C. I wish the exam be on Friday.

4. You didn’t have to buy those new chairs. I’ve already ordered a new sofa.

A. If only you had told me earlier.

B. If only you told me earlier.

C. I wish you would tell me earlier.

5. There’ no room for all your friends to stay.

A. I wish there were more room.

B. I wish we had a bigger house.

C. If only we had a bigger house.

6. You have to keep working. All of this must be finished by 5 o’clock.

A. I wish you gave me a break.

B. I wish I could take a break.

C. If only I could stop now.

7. You’re too young to come in here.

A. I wish I was older.

B. If only I’m older.

C. I wish I can go in.

8. That film was absolutely terrible.

A. I wish we had gone somewhere else.

B. If only we saw a different film.

C. I wish we hadn’t wasted our money. [69]

Task 16. Complete the second sentence of each pair using the verbs in brackets so that they mean the same as the first sentences.

1. It was my first time in Scotland. (go)

I wish _____ Scotland before.

2. I hate smoking but I can’t give up! (stop)

I wish I ______ .

3. When I arrived the room was dirty. (clean)

I wish _____ before I arrived.

4. That lottery ticket was a winner, but you threw it away. (throw)

If only you _____ the ticket!

5. I love tennis, but I’m not very good at it. (be)

I wish ____ better at tennis.

6. I didn’t hear his lecture. I came too late. (hear)

I wish _____ that lecture.

7. I did not use all the opportunities.

I wish _____ the opportunities.

8. The exam is tomorrow and I haven’t finished the work yet.

I wish ______ studying earlier.

9. It will be nice if you could go with us.

I wish ______ go with us.


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