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Task 20. The sentences below refer to the past. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.

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1. The sentence ___ (be) longer if they ____ (steal) any money.

2. If the windows ___ (be) locked, the burglars ____ (choose) another house.

3. The customers ___ (be) frightened if they ____ (think) it was a real robbery.

4. The police ____ (not/arrest) them if they ____ (not/find) the missing bag with the money.

5. If the witness ____ (explain) the situation properly, the judge ___ (not/ask) so many questions.

6. If the driver ___ (drive) more carefully, the accident ____ (not/happen).


Task 21. Read the story and write five sentences about the story with if in the past perfect.

Example: If the owners had been at home, the thief wouldn’t have broken into the house.


One evening a thief broke into a house in the village of Lachelle. The owners were not there because they had gone to visit some friends. The thief had not eaten all day and was extremely hungry. He found a packet of biscuits in the kitchen and ate them. He then felt thirsty and, finding a bottle of champagne in the fridge, drank that. The thief felt sleepy and decided to have a little rest before robbing the house. Unfortunately, he did not wake up and the owners of the house found him on their bed when they returned. He was still asleep when the police arrived.[70]

Task 22. Think of some situations which would not have happened if the circumstances had been different.

Task 23. Are you a survivor?

What would you do if …

A it was late at night and your car skidded off the road into the river and began sinking fast, upside down?

B you were in the middle of a large field when you suddenly saw an angry bull coming towards you?

C you were trapped by fire in an upstairs bedroom in a house?

D you were driving at 100 km/p/h downhill and your brakes failed?

E you were cooking chips and the pan suddenly caught fire?

F you ran out of petrol crossing a desert by car, alone, and you had very little water and no idea where you were?

G you picked up a hitch-hiker in your car and he/she took out a knife and told you to drive to a place 100 kilometers away?


Here are some people’s first reaction to the situations above. Match each answer to the appropriate situation.

1. I’d throw it in the sink.

2. I’d try to open one of the doors.

3. I wouldn’t go too far away from the car.

4. I’d try to signal to someone with my lights.

5. I’d tie a handkerchief over my mouth and nose.

6. First, I’d tie a handkerchief very tightly around it.

7. I’d sound the horn to warn other drivers to get out of the way.

8. I wouldn’t run. I’d start walking backwards very slowly.

Write down what you would do in each situation.

From groups, discuss and write down:

- What you think would be the best thing(s) to do in situations A-H.

- What you think you shouldn’t do.

- Each group then tells the class their opinions.[71]

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