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Stop and check 3

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1. Translate the following words and expressions into English:

1) заключенный (2)

2) исправительные учреждения

3) малолетние преступники

4) предотвратить побег

5) жертва

6) компенсация

7) надзор

8) наказание (2)

9) совершать преступление

10) лишать родительских прав

11)условный приговор

12) общественные работы

13) дисквалификация

14) коррупция

15) тюрьма строгого режима



2. Match definitions:



17)suspended sentence



20)capital punishment




24)correctional institution



a) keeping somebody in a place from which they cannot escape

b) someone who has been harmed or killed as a result of crime

c) an amount of money you have to pay because you have broken a law

d) money that someone receives because something bad has happened to them

e) the sentences that will come in force if the person breaks the law again

f) not allowing someone to leave a police station or prison

g) a system by which someone who has committed a crime is not sent to prison if they promise to behave well for a certain period of time

h) death penalty

i) a situation in which someone is not allowed to take part in something, usually because they have done something wrong

j) the place where offenders are kept to correct their behavior before they return to society


3. Use “to” with the Infinitives where necessary.

26)If the judge releases the accused on bail, it means that he lets the accuse _____ wait for the trial at freedom.

27)The officer ordered ___ bring the defendant into the courtroom.

28)Why not ____ him right now?

29)We decided ____ invite experts to take part in the trial.

30)They wanted _____ find the criminal as soon as possible.

31)The prosecutor wants the investigator _____ present the evidence.

32)The policemen saw the thief ____ steal the clothes.

33)The accused was found ____ be guilty.

34)He is said ____ be the most dangerous criminal of all times.

35)The robber made the customers _____ lie on the floor.


4. Insert the words from the box:

sentenced cruel deter innocent capital


36)Many countries have already abolished ____ punishment.

37)Even if the accused is ______ to death, theses sentences are not executed.

38)Lawyers all over the world have come to the conclusion that death penalty does not ______ criminals from committing crimes.

39)Opponents of capital punishment argue that execution is ____ and uncivilized.

40)The study was published in 1987, that showed that more than 20 ______ people had been executed in the United States.



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