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PRE-TEXT EXERCISES. 1. Look at the following international words, guess their meaning and check the pronunciation:

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1. Look at the following international words, guess their meaning and check the pronunciation:


System, foundation, university, population, prestigious, contribution, federation, grant, academic, programme, gymnasium, organization, equivalent, regulate, standard, professional, humanities, social-economic, discipline, project, final, practice, period


2. Here are some expressions with the preposition in. Translate and learn them:


§ to have (an) interest in § to be interested in § to be in love with
§ to be rich in § in the way § to be in need of
§ in the rain (sun, snow) § in the cold (heat) § in fact
§ in general § in the open air § in one’s opinion
§ in pencil (ink, coal) § in smb’s place § in the south (west…)
§ in (under) the circumstances § in short § in the sky
§ in time § in vain § in a way
§ in spring (winter…) § in the street § in the direction of

3. Fill in the gaps with the preposition in or the expressions above in the appropriate form:


1. The portrait was painted ___ oil.

2. Yesterday Ann was dressed ___ white.

3. He felt at that moment he was ___ love with the whole world.

4. They searched everywhere, but it was ___ vain.

5. ___ his ___ it was too late to publish this article.

6. The doctor advised her not to sit ___ the sun so long.

7. Everybody knew that Helen was ___ love with Bob.

8. He liked to run ___ the open air every spring.

9. She is interested ___ some collections of minerals.

10. They always keep everything ___ secret from the others.

11. He is ___ need of money. Can you lend him some?

12. ___ their opinion I am a fool to help you.

13. He tried to lift the heavy log, but it was ___ vain.

14. Ann did not know what to do ___ these circumstances.

15. They are interested ___ these problems.

16. He has no interest ___ music.

17. ___ fact we did this work ourselves.

18. They stood ___ the sun too long. The sun was pitiless ___ the heat.


4. Find the English equivalents for the following Russian words:


1. изучение a. study b. steady c. student
2. обязательный a. complete b. compulsory c. compound
3. включать a. compose b. complete c. comprise
4. развитие a. development b. discovery c. developer
5. менять a. to change b. chance c. choice
6. включать a. to conclude b. to exclude c. to include
7. почти a. always b. almost c. already
8. предлагать a. office b. officer c. to offer
9. исследование a. search b. research c. reach
10. получить a. to obey b. to obtain c. to object
11. уровень a. lever b. level c. liver


5. Fill in the gaps with the correct word to complete the sentences:


1. Every year students ___ a specialty that includes several main disciplines: the humanities, social and physical sciences, engineering.

§ acquired § acquires § are acquiring § acquire


2. Students ___ to work out new decisions in the area of engineering.

§ are trained § is trained § was trained § train

3. He insisted ___ visiting his parents.

§ of § § on § to


4. Your face seems familiar to me. We ___ have met somewhere.

§ ought § must § need § should


5. Using modern information technologies the students ___ many different problems.

§ solve § solves § had solved § is solving


6. BRAINSTORMING: Explain the meaning of the following words and phrases in English:


Constitution; right to education; higher education; extramural and evening courses; Bachelor’s degree; Master’s degree; a thesis; the system of state scholarship and grants

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