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PRE-TEXT EXERCISES. 1. Here are some expressions with the prepositions under and up


1. Here are some expressions with the prepositions under and up. Translate and memorize them:


§ it is up to you § time is up § to be under repair
§ to pick up § to ring up § to save up
§ to sit up § to stand up § to wake up
§ up to date § up and down § hurry up
§ to be under the circumstances § to be under consideration § up to the mark


2. Fill in the gaps with the expressions above in the appropriate form:


1. If you ___ early in the morning you will be able to do a lot.

2. They were going along the forest ___ mushrooms on their way.

3. Children, ___ please because we have little time.

4. John ___ and left the room.

5. You must solve this problem yourself, ___.

6. Will you ___ me ___ when he brings the papers?

7. This is ___ technology and we are going to use it.


3. Fill in the correct prepositions:


1. She is always late ___ her lessons because she is very absent minded.

2. My twins are so much alike that sometimes I cannot tell them ___ each other.

3. ___ his point of view Charlie is not right.

4. We always take ___ consideration all her remarks.

5. Polly works ___ morning ___ night and looks so exhausted.

6. Henry has just recovered ___ pneumonia and is still rather weak.

7. They are so proud ___ their children.


4. Choose the correct word to complete the sentences:


1. You are too late. This information is ___ date now.

a) over; b) out of; c) into.

2. We like to go ___ a walk when the weather is warm.

a) for; b) on; c) at.

3. He came to that place day ___ day but he never saw this girl again.

a) on; b) at; c) by.

4. Father prevented the child ___ falling down.

a) from; b) at; c) on.

5. They got too tired and decided to lie ___.

a) up; b) down; c) after.

6. She was named ___ her aunt and she didn’t like her name.

a) after; b) over; c) into.

7. Let’s divide the bun ___ halves. It’s too big for one person.

a) onto; b) in; c) into.

8. The squirrel looked so funny that children started to laugh ___ it.

a) at; b) over; c) on.

9. We always like to play ___ the open air.

a) on; b) at; c) in.


5. Explain the meaning of the following words and phrases in English:


Computer engineers; information technology; software; hardware


6. Choose the correct word to fill the gaps:


1. As with all modern scientific and technological endeavours, computers and software ___ an increasingly important role.

plays play played was playing


2. Computer models of designs ___ be checked for flaws without having to make expensive and time-consuming prototypes.

may can must should


3. Computer Engineering ___ a discipline encompassing electronic engineering and computer science.

are am is was


4. Electronic equipment today relies heavily ___ computer technology.

to on at in

5. There is a high demand ___ engineers who are able to design and manage all forms of computer systems in industry.

for in with on


6. The computer ___ an integral part of modern everyday life.

will become has become became to become


7. As the computer became very accessible, the sphere of its use ___ widened.

significant significantly insignificant insignificantly


8. The use of computers as bases ___ the storage of tremendous volume of information are probably used the most widely used function.

for in with at


9. It is now ___ to convert a tremendous quantity of pictures and copies of unique documents which were, in former times, inaccessible for most researchers.

unimportant possible impossible important


10. The use of the computer will become ___ because it allows us to accustom children to the world of knowledge in forms which are very comfortable to them and yet provide programmes with important content.

less important most important unimportant more important


7. BRAINSTORMING. What associations do the following words and phrases call to mind? Make a list of ideas and compare your notes with those of your partners.


scientific and technological progress; personal computers; computer technology; installation of computer hardware; rapid advances in computer technology; programming skills


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