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Обычно рекомендаций должно быть как минимум две, и не от коллег, а от непосредственных начальников. Укажите конкретные лица, которые могут рекомендовать вас, напишите полностью имя, должность, место работы и контактную информацию ваших поручителей.

36. Here are some samples of CV. Look through them in order to compose your own CV:


Sample 1

На должность администратора /секретаря



235 White Road

San-Francisco, California 029992

+ 01 (245) 987-6543


To obtain an administrative assistant position which would utilize my administrative skills and offer opportunity for growth.


Technical College of San-Francisco September 1988 — May 1991


6/94 to present

The Institute of Medical Care; San-Francisco

Unit Secretary, Child and Adolescent Unit — Responsible for maintaining patient charts, entering patient data on database, transcribing medication orders, tracking and paging medical personnel. Relaying patient records to other treatment facilities and fielding incoming phone calls.

10/91 to 5/94

University of National Law; San-Francisco

Administrator, Registrar's Office

— Answered telephones, filed documents, produced letters for certification and deferment, proctored exams. Registered students for courses, proofread grade sheets, registration materials, exams and course schedules, computed grade point average, Interacted with students, faculty and staff.


Languages: English – mother tongue, German – beginning

Computer literate: word-processing (Word Perfect & Word for Windows), Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3)

Excellent interpersonal and communications skills.


Available upon request

Sample 2


На должность маркетингового аналитика



0/01-1000 Neizvestnaya St., Moscow

Tel. (home): + 7 (095) 000-0000



A full-time position as a Market Analyst, where a motivated high-energy team player capable of individual initiative will contribute to the efficiency and profitability of the company.


September, 1991 – June, 1996: Institute of International Economic Affaires, Finance Academy (Moscow)


June, 1998 – present

Procter & Gamble, Junior Marketing Manager, Cosmetics department:

— register clients’ orders on the data base;

— analyze the efficiency of sales;

Area of work: My duties are to provide the Head of Marketing Department with the relevant information about the market of cosmetic goods in Moscow, about costs’ dynamics and to maintain the clients’ data base.

September, 1995 — June, 1998

Milling Ltd, Specialist in advertising and marketing:

— Development of advertising strategy of the company;

— Copywriting advertising information;

— Clients data base administration.

Area of work: During my work for Milling Ltd I developed advertising profile for the company, created its corporate web site and conducted constant analysis of relevant markets in Russia.


Languages:Russian — Mother tongue, English — fluent at the Advanced level, French – fluent at the Intermediate level.

Computer literate: Windows 95/98/NT, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, CorelDraw, HTML.

Clerical: Typing 20 wpm.

Other: A professional Internet user. Have a driving license and prepared to be as mobile as necessary to provide the best performance.


Available upon request



Sir … or Madam… § I’d like to apply for a position as a … § I've been interested in working in … § I can offer many skills, for example … § I'm available for interview from … § communicative § hard-working § strong academical qualifications § enthusiastic § team-player § leading qualities § competence § flexibility § receptive § a strong command of (language) § acquired § achieved § established § assisted § coordinated (a project) § developed (a new way of working) § delivered (the project on time) initiated (a new system)

37. Compose your own CV. The phrases below and the Action Verbs will help you:


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