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A day in the life.

03.30 a.m. Good morning!

My alarm is ringing…already…and it’s time to get up for my flight to Tenerife, which is due to leave at 07.00 sharp. I get ready, put on my uniform and make sure I have my passport and regular papers packed in my carry-on bag. We cabin crew have to check at least 1 hour 30 minutes before the aircraft is scheduled to leave, so today that means reporting to work at 05.30. In fact, I’m a little early today and I catch the staff shuttle bus to the briefing room.


05.15 a.m. Fifteen minutes to the pre-flight briefing.

I’m 15 minutes early, which is good, because I have to check my cabin crew manual to refresh my knowledge of the all emergency procedures and the location of the emergency equipment and exits for today’s aircraft, a Boeing 757.


05.30 a.m. The pre-flight briefing

Today’s the pre-flight briefing is held on the aircraft and the purser introduces everyone and takes through the flight details. Usually they are the order of services during the flight, responsibilities for the day and any special points of passengers with special needs. Security and aircraft’s safety are always specially mentioned these days and we’re sometimes asked one or two questions about the emergency procedures. The purser asks a couple today, and I’m pleased to say that I answer correctly.


06.00 a.m. Pre-flight preparations for boarding

This is the time for me and for my team to check the emergency equipment and make sure that there’s a safety instruction card in every passenger’s seat pocket. Then we double check the number of meals on board, the drink trolley, duty-free goods and, of course, stock the toilets with all necessary hand towels and tissues. Then we have enough time to freshen up and get ready to welcome our passengers on board.


Domestic terminal International terminal Waiting hall Arrival hall, to arrive Departure hall, to depart VIP hall Information desk Transit desk Check-in desk Lost and found Baggage claim Gate Air stairs/ ladder/ gangway Air bridge/ telescopic bridge/ jet way Runway Taxiway Stand Destination Luggage / baggage (light, heavy) Hand luggage/ carry-on luggage (bag) Baggage receipt Baggage tag Overcoat Raincoat Jacket Briefcase Suitcase Rucksack/ hold all bag To put/ to place/ to stow Flight Flight number Pre-flight briefing Connecting flight Long haul flight Delay, to delay Cancellation, to cancel Taxiing, to taxi Take-off, to take off Ascent/ climb, to ascend Descent, to descend Landing, to land Boarding, to board


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