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Ex.6 Listen to three short announcements from short – haul flights and fill in the missing words.

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1. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s great to have you on ________. The ________ sign is off, but please don’t leave your seats __________ you have to. This is only a short ___________ and we’d like to serve you drinks and snacks as ________ as possible. They will only be time for one service and, er…._____________, we don’t have any snacks today. __________ about that. Speak to you again soon.


2. Hello, everyone, this is Stefan __________. The seatbelt _____ is off. Feel __________ to walk around. We want to ________ you drinks shortly, so watch out for the __________ - we don’t want to run you down, so don’t ______________ the aisles. We don’t have a lot of time, so be _____________ with your order, please, and your money, of course. Thanks for your ____________. Have a good ________.


3. Ladies and gentlemen, the __________ sign has been _____________ and you can walk around the cabin. We shall be coming _____________ the cabin with refreshments in a few moments. Kindly look at the _________ card in the pocket ____________ you and have your __________ ready, please. We’d really appreciate it if you had the _____________ change for your purchases. Thank you and enjoy the flight.



Galley Galley equipment (Electric) boiler Kettle Teapot Coffee-maker Coffee-pot Metal container Vacuum flask/vacuum bottle (Heating) oven Refrigerator Meal trolley/ meal cart Board with switchers Toggle switch Circuit breaker Wardrobe Hanger to hang (up) Toilet/ lavatory Wash basin/ wash bowl Mirror Waste bin Water-closet pan Liquid soap Toilet roll Toilet flush Towel Smoke detector Socket/plug Electric razor/electric shaver Drawer Door latch Tap Waste panel to adjust to rotate I’m at your service


Ex.7 Read and translate.


The galley is designed for cooking hot meals and cold starters and for drink and fruit storage. It is provided with metal containers for food, electric boilers, heating ovens. The galley is provided with hot and cold water supply. There is a special board with the switchers here.


The wardrobe compartments accommodate the hand luggage and overcoats of passengers. They can be located in the front, middle and rear part of the plane. The location of the wardrobe compartments and their number depend on the type of the aircraft. The passenger can find some clothes-hangers for their overcoats in the wardrobe compartments.

The toilets meet all sanitary requirements. They are all fitted with a wash basin with hot and cold water supply, a mirror, a water-closet pan, which is flushed with antiseptic fluid, toilet rolls and a socket for an electrical shaver, towels, a liquid soap and an attendant call button. The location and the number of the toilets depend on the type of the aircraft.


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