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Civil aviation regulations require all passengers seated at the emergency exits be given safety briefing on exit procedures before take-off.

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Sitting in an exit row seat requires you to assist the cabin crew in case of an emergency. You must be able to perform the following instructions:

1.Recognize the emergency exit opening mechanism

2.Follow oral commands and hand signals given by a crew member

Please contact CA for re-seating if you:

1.Are less then 15 years old or not able to perform responsibility

2.Are not physically fit

3.Do not wish to perform these functions

Now, identify the nearest exit that you will be responsible for. Read the safety instruction card and be ready for an emergency. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call on the cabin crew.



Ex.1 Read the captain’s announcement.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain in speaking. We have a technical problem and for everyone’s safety we have decided to land in the next 20 minutes at the nearest airport. The landing should be perfectly normal, but for safety reasons we will evacuate using the slides. The cabin crew will now give you full instructions and prepare you for the landing. Please listen carefully to their instructions. Thank you.

What do you think will happen after the captain’s announcement? And what will not happen?

The cabin crew will:

- secure everything in the galleys

- continue the food and drinks service

- help the passengers to get their bags from the overhead bins to collect precious items

- begin to go through the cabin, saying “fasten seat belts”

- make sure the toilets are empty

- collect the headsets

- make sure everyone returns to their seats immediately

- wait for instructions

- point out the emergency exits



ТЕМА: Окончание - ed

Окончание - ed произносится как

- [d] после звонких согласных (кроме d) и гласных

Loosened, happened, resumed.

- [t] после глухих согласных (кроме t)

Checked, stopped, asked.

- [id] после d и t

Wanted, reported, fainted.



Ex.2 Put the following verbs in the correct column and pronounce them.

smoked serviced separated recommended operated planned fastened directed contacted parted closed charged boarded asked walked used formed accompanied worked started required reassured informed performed moved instructed escaped extinguished equipped diverted counted looked congratulated comforted arranged checked addressed delayed placed helped stayed landed destroyed


[ t ] [ d ] [ id ]
cooked   lived visited



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