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Flight attendants have a procedure for the different things they need to do on a flight. Look at this list of things and put them in the correct order.

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a) serve drinks

b) check seat-belts are fastened

c) give out landing cards

d) welcome passengers on board


e) give safety announcement

f) serve tea and coffee

g) get meals ready

h) assist passengers leaving plane


i) collect meal trays

j) collect empty glasses

k) assist with stowing cabin baggage

1) offer duty-free goods for sale

m) serve meals to passengers

6. At which stage would you hear the flight attendant si
the following?

a) Would you like anything to drink?

b) Good morning. Seat 25D is down there on the right.

c) Have you finished with this, madam?

d) Would you like me to put this in the overhead locker?

e) Ice and lemon?

f) Goodbye. Have a safe journey.

g) Any wine, spirits, or perfume?

h) Emergency exits are located towards the front and re of the plane.

Can you think of any other typical things that a flight atte dant might say?

8. More myths surround the job of flight attendant thi
almost any other.
Consequently, airlines receive tho
sands of enquiries every year. How do they decide wl
will make the grade? Kim Whittle is an experienc<
flight attendant trainer for British Airways. Before y<
read what she has to say, make your own predictions 1
filling in the chart below.


Flight attendant requirements Your prediction BA requirements
General knowledge/education    
Clothes at interview    
Personality8. Now read the interview with Kim Whittle to find out if your predictions were correct. Interviewer:Right, let's look at what it takes to be a stewardess. Kim:Well, the first thing to say is that we don't use the term stewardess — or steward, or air hostess — any more. The proper term is flight attendant. Interviewer:Of course, I'm sorry. Kim:I'm afraid that there's little hope for you if you're not in your twenties. Of course, some airlines will take you on, say, if you're nineteen, but practically no airline will look at you if you're over thirty. So, sort of 19 to 29 is about it. Interviewer:What about the way you look? Kim:Companies do differ quite a bit when it comes to physi­cal appearance. If you're under five feet two inches — that's about one metre 55 — your chances are slim, and also if you're over six feet two (about one metre 85) you're probably excluded. You should be of average build and your weight should be proportionate to your height. Some of the aisles are a bit narrow and it helps if you can squeeze past the drinks trolley without knocking a pas­senger's drink out of their hand! Interviewer:Is it the same for men and women? Kim:Yes, more or less. Another thing is that you're on your feet for hours at a time, walking back and forth, so you've got to be in pretty good health. You don't need twenty-twenty vision but you've got to have fairly good eyesight. Naturally accidents can happen so just about all compa­nies insist on your being able to swim. Another impor­tant qualification is that you have completed secondary school. I think it's true to say that a lot of companies pre­fer to take on people with some college education too. It helps if you have a good grasp of geography — passengers sometimes like to know what countries they're flying over, and if a flight attendant doesn't exactly inspire confi­dence! A good memory also comes in handy when you consider that, on a 747 transatlantic flight for example, there are over 28,000 items loaded on every flight — and a flight attendant has to know every one of them! Interviewer:Presumably a flight attendant also needs to know a language or two.      


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