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NO ROOM CHARGE for 1 child under 12 sharing room with 2 adults. (Meals payable direct.)

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Single Room Supplement £24.00 per night


Moscow is the capital of Russia and the largest city in our country. A visit to Moscow always makes unfor gettable impression on the people who come there for the first time. It will become more remarkable if you choose to stay at the «Golden Ring» hotel.

The « Golden Ring » hotel is located in the very heart of the city. The hotel has a modern building downtown Moscow in the historical center only minutes away from the Red Square and Kremlin museums. It is not far from foreign embassies and foreign companies offices, from the Exhibitions Center and just across the road from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Friendly staff, high international standards of service and unique interior design will make your stay in the «Golden Ring» hotel pleasant and enjoyable.

The hotel has 247 spacious comfortably furnished apartments including double and single rooms, 80 Suites and 2 luxurious Presidential Suites. You will feel at horn6 while staying in the « Golden Ring » hotel.

The hotel offers 24-hour room service and the most sophisticated security system. The guestsare provided with in-room safety-deposit boxes, satellite TV and telephone lines, air conditioners. Comfortable furniture and unique design of the suites give you the atmosphere of luxury, comfort and style.

The « Golden Ring » hotel offers the best views of Moscow. The hotel restaurant located on the 23rd floor offers exquisite Mediterranean cuisine and luxurious atmosphere for its guests. You can spend a pleasant evening and see Moscow from the height while enjoying the culinary art of the restaurant Chef.

The hotel restaurant is the best place to taste various dishes of Russian cuisine and experience genuine Russian traditions of dining. It is an ideal place for birthday parties and banquets. There is a beer bar famous for its hospitality and German cuisine.

There are 6 banquet rooms and a theatre-style Conference Hall in the hotel. They provide services for 10 to 250 persons and can host at a time up to 500 people.

The Health Club and saunas are the best way to relax. There the guests can have a relaxing massage. They can use, dry saunas and gym. The hotel has also a hairdresser's shop, a service bureau, a currency-exchange desk, barber's and beauty saloon, a laundry, shoes repairs and dry cleaning.

At the service bureau you can order a taxi or rent a car, book train and air tickets in advance.

Welcome to the « Golden Ring» Hotel!



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