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Rephrase the following sentences using the words in bold.


1. She was tired. She felt like she had run a mile, but she hadn't actually. à She was so tired she felt ……… a mile. (as)

2. I think it is going to be a nice day. à It looks ……… to be a nice day. (as)

3. We have met before. She behaved coldly towards me. à She behaved coldly towards me ……… met me before. (never)

4. She is much thinner than when I last saw her. à She looks …….. weight since I last saw her. (as)

5. He isn't a millionaire. He spends lots of money, though. à He spends money …… millionaire. (if)

6. I can smell dinner. I think we're having curry. à It smells ……. curry for dinner. (though)

7. There were clouds in the sky. It would probably rain. à It …….. going to rain. (looked)

8. I wasn’t run over by a 10-tonne truck. But I feel terrible. à I feel …. by a 10-tonne truck. (though)

9. She speaks English. It is not her native tongue. à She speaks English … tongue. (as)

10. He has a brain in his head. à Sometimes he acts … in his head. (if)

11. We haven’t known each other all of our lives. à We became good friends almost immediately. After talking to each other for only a short time, we felt … . (though)

12. A giant bulldozer didn’t drive down Main Street. à After the tornado, the town looked … (as)

Revision. For each of the sentences below write a new sentence as similar as possible in meaning to the original sentences but using the word given. The word must not be altered in any way.


1. We had just turned the TV on when the power failed. à …. (than)

2. She didn't want the police to recognise her so she wore a disguise. à …. (prevent)

3. He was too lazy to finish the project. à …. (enough)

4. Although he likes football, he refuses to join the team. à …. (much)

5. Turn the hi-fi down or you might wake the neighbours. à …. (not)

6. She was so bored with her work that she decided to quit. à …. (boring)

7. I don't know why he spoke to me like that. à (speaking)

8. Even though it was frightening, the children remained perfectly calm during the film. à …. (but)

9. She opened the door and immediately realised something was wrong. à …. (soon)

10. She moved to London after she had finished her studies. à …. (until)

11. I was so sleepy that I couldn't stay awake. à …. (too)

12. He is such a fascinating speaker! à …. (so)

13. She carried an umbrella so she wouldn't get wet. à …. (avoid)

14. However hard she tries, she'll never get an answer out of them. à …. (as)

15. When Ann left he started cooking. à He waited ……….. before he started cooking. (until)

16. Eleven o'clock is the latest you can come home. à You mist ………. eleven o'clock. (by)

17. They wanted to avoid being seen, so they travelled at night. à They travelled at night …….. seen. (order)

18. I failed the driving test because I panicked. à I panicked during the driving test ………. failed. (result)

19. They wouldn't let us in, even though we had tickets. à They wouldn't let us in, ………… had tickets. (despite)

20. She behaves like a crazy woman, but she isn't. à She behaves ………. crazy. (if)

21. When Sally gets home, I'll tell you immediately. à I'll tell you ………. home. (soon)

22. It's possible they'll be hungry, so I'll cook something. à I'll cook something ……… hungry. (case)

23. The reason we're having this meeting is to appoint a new chairman. à We're having this meeting ……………….. a new chairman. (view)

24. He is too tired to go on working. à He is ……………. go on working. (so)




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