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Low-water cutoff- A safety control that monitors the water level in a boiler via an electronic probe or float. If the water drops below a predeter­mined safe operating level, the control turns off the burner and prevents the boiler from overheating.

Automatic water feeder — This safety automatically adds water to the boiler if the water drops below a safe operating level.

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Itis a well-known fact that in prehistoric times the great part of the world's land surface was covered with forests. In places, where trees grew, man used wood to build homes for himself and his dependents.

The durability of wood and its use can be demonstrated, for exam­ple, by the existence of such buildings as churches of Scandinavia.

In Russia, where sub-zero temperatures are quite common, wood has been widely used for both houses and churches because of its property of insu-

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Fig. 13. A wooden church in

Russia with onion-shaped


Fig. 14. Kolomenskoye

lation against cold. Many old Russian church­es are wooden, even to the onion-shaped domes with which they are decorated (See Fig. 13).


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