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Complete the sentences

1. Probation is not simply leniency; it is a sentence with rules and controls

imposed on the offender and enforced by the probation service…

2. At present more than half of all sentenced offenders…

3. In addition to capital investment…

4. Instead, the offender contributes to his or her own up keep as well as…

5. Prison existence does not resemble life in the free world…

6. Prisons tend to be remote from the community…

Answer the following questions using information from the text

1. How do convicted criminals serve their sentences?

2. Where do most convicted offenders serve or part of their sentences?

3. What is the difference between probation and parole?

4. Why are community-based corrections considered more preferable?

5. Why are community-based programs are less expensive?

6. Why is it difficult to reestablish community and family relationships after release from prison?

Match the concepts and their definitions

1. Arraignment The location of an alleged crime; place from which the jury is drawn, and where the trial occurs. PDF created with pdf Factory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com

2. Directed Verdict Crime control agencies responsible for the everyday processing of cases, e.g., police, courts, prisons, etc.

3. Max Out The pleading process; legal proceeding at which formal charges are read, the defendant is notified of his rights, and a plea to the charges is requested.

4. On-Line Agencies Acquittal of a case by the trial judge after the jury has heard all the evidence but before it deliberates, on the grounds that the evidence does not prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

5. Venue Serve a full sentence without parole.

Fill in the gaps using the words in brackets

(liabilities taxes existence employment expensive expense demanded)

1. The thieves … money from the passengers. 2. The business has … of 2 million dollars. 3. A big sum was to be paid in…. 4. It's more … to live in the city than in the country. 5. He used to eke out a miserable … . 6. I don't know how the government can justify the … of the project. 7. The number of people in … has fallen.

Translate the conditional sentences

1. If there were no speed limits drivers would drive at any speed they like.

2. If there were no laws there would be anarchy in society.

3. Had he not taken the money he wouldn’t have been charged with stealing.

4. If you do something wrong, then you commit a crime.

5. Provided new facts were discovered the case would be revised.

6. Had this matter come within our jurisdiction we would have dealt with it.


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