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Any topic in psychology can be approached from a variety of perspectives, thus there are many approaches in psychology. Match the following approaches with their descriptions.

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1. The psychobiological approach 2. The behavioral approach 3. The cognitive approach 4. The psychoanalytic approach 5. The humanistic approach 6. The cross-cultural approach a) studies observable behavior without giving much consideration to what goes on in people's mind (i.e., the "black box"). b) believes that human behavior is driven by instinctual and unconscious forces. c) focuses on biological and genetic bases for human emotions and behavior. d) focuses on what goes on inside the "black box", examining the way people process, store and use information, and the way of attention, perception and memory work. e) compares psychological similarities and differences across cultures in order to understand social and cultural, as well as biological and genetic, causes of behavior. f) focuses on human beings' free will and self-worth, which are believed to set humans apart from the animals. So, instead of studying how humans react to external stimuli, studies how humans are influenced by their conscious choices and internal needs.  


Task 2. [in groups]

What else do you know about the approaches mentioned above? Divide into six groups. Choose one approach and discuss the following questions. Fill in the chart below with the information about the approach you have been discussing. Present the results of your discussion to the other groups. While listening to the other presentations complete the chart.







Approaches Psychologists Theories Dates


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