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I Выберите правильную форму глаголов.

1. The river Nile ... very fast today – much faster than usual.

a) flew b) is flowing c) flows

2. Can you drive? - No, but I ...

a) learn b) am learning c) learnt

3. The pupils ... Byron’s poem yet.

a) have not read b) has not read c)had not read

4. How long ... English?

a) have you been learning b) are you learning c) do you learn

5. She ... by her friends at the station.

a) met b) was met c) were met

6. I ... to the party last week.

a) am invited b) was invited c) is invited

7. I recommend you to apologize. You ... apologize.

a) would b) must c) shall

8. The phone is ringing. It ... be Jack.

a) must b) could c) may

9. We ... walk all the way home. We can get a taxi.

a) must b) needn't c) don't have to

10. ... you help me, please?

a) will b) would c) can

Часть B – Лексика – Vocabulary

I Подберите русские эквиваленты к следующим английским словам.

former a огромный
destroy b жестокий
enormous c бывший
cruel d напоминать
remind e разрушать.

II Соотнесите английские и русские фразы.

be surrounded with a несмотря на
in spite of b в соответствии с чем-либо
according to c в центре
in the heart of d окруженный чем-либо
consist of e состоять из

III Закончите предложения из текста и переведите на русский язык.

11. The Romans returned to the continent but they left ...

12. The white Tower derived its name from ...

13. The Tower of London has served ...

14. The Tower was …

15. Now the Tower is …

Часть C – Понимание прочитанного текста – Reading Comprehension

I Прочитайте текст.

1. People have thought that the environment is an unlimited source of resources, that the atmosphere, forests, rivers and seas are capable of absorbing all wastes. The environment supplies the economy of any country with its resources such as timber, minerals and oil. As a result, environment is unable to absorb all its wastes.

2. For example, waste gases cause acid rains; this leads to forest damage and therefore reduces the resources of forests. Another problem is water shortage resulting from unlimited use of it. The third one is destroying the ozone layer of the Earth through pollution from plants and cars. One more problem is damage to wildlife. It is possible that some kinds of animals can disappear due to people’s activities.

3. Some territories in Russia are also suffering environmental problems. Many of these problems have been caused by economic activities. Many forests in the north of European Russia and the Far East are under threat.

4. If we want to live in a healthier world we must learn to use the environment carefully and protect it from damage caused by our activities. Otherwise very soon we will have no world to live in.

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