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1. There! ..... this big heavy cloud in the sky; I am sure it’ll rain in a minute.

Do you see

Have you seen

Are you seeing

Have you been seeing

2. Jake is a good footballer. Do you know since when ..... football?

He has been playing

He plays

Has he been playing

Is he playing

3. Sonia ..... as a computer programmer this year, but she’d like to try something different in the future.


Has worked

Is working

Has been working

4. I think you ..... very silly. Don't get out of bed. You’ll only make your temperature go up again.


Are being


Have been

I have just applied for a job in the local hospital, now I ..... for an answer from them.


Have been waiting

Have waited

Am waiting

6. - What are you looking for? - I ..... my umbrella somewhere, and now I don’t know where it is.


Has left

Have been leaving

Have left

7. Nora, you look awfully tired. What ..... all day?

Do you do

Are you doing

Have you been doing

Have you done

Jerry promised to come to work in time. He is not here, and he even ..... .

isn’t calling

hasn't called

hasn't been calling

doesn’t call

Today the world ..... so rapidly; things never stay the same.


Has changed

Is changing

Has been changing

Susan is a fashion designer. Now, she ..... at a new set of clothes to be shown at a fashion show in April.


Is working

Has been working

Has worked

Their car is as good as new though they ..... it for a number of years.


Have been having

Are having

Have had

12. Look here! I simply refuse to believe what you ..... me now.

Are telling

Have been telling

Have told


Be careful with paint. It ..... a certain amount of lead.


Is containing

Has contained


14. Who ..... my newspaper? It was on my desk a minute ago.

Has taken

Have taken



My cousin Jake has got a lot of books, most of which he ..... .

doesn’t read

hasn’t been reading

hasn’t read

isn’t reading

I had a cup of tea for breakfast because I ..... of coffee.

Had run out

Ran out

Was running out

Had been running out

The trouble started when Mrs. Leslie Cady ..... control of her car on a narrow mountain road.

Was losing


Had lost

Had been losing

18. Greg didn’t want to be late for the theatre. He drove as fast as he could. The play ..... as he walked in the door of the theatre.

Was just beginning

Had just began

Just began

Had been just beginning

19. It wasn't raining when I looked out of the window; the sun was shining. But it ..... earlier. That's why the ground was wet.


Was raining

Had rained

Had been raining

20. He didn't see me as he was reading when I ..... into the room.

Had come


Had been coming

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