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Unit 1 Module 1
nurse surgeon dentist vet psychologist manual jobs bricklayer carpenter plumber electrician mechanic architect lawyer engineer accountant university lecturer broker (stock market) civil servant soldier sailor police officer firefighter     grandfather/grandmother uncle(s)/aunt(s) cousin(s) father/mother/ brother/sister-in-law nephew(s)/ niece(s) widower/widow step-father/mother only child a first/family/middle/full name   partner single-parent family an old/close/best friend colleague ex wife/husband /girlfriend second wife/husband stepmother/-father/ -sister/-brother half-sister/brother couple husband/wife common name   to grow up to bring up to tell smb off to take after smb to look after smb or smth to get on with smb to look up to smb to carry on (doing smth) to get divorced to turn smb on/off   to inherit to get married to share to call divorce (n, v) to be smb’s junior/ senior/I'm senior to her   to fancy to like/dislike to hate to adore to idolize can't stand to respect to look up to to admire to look down on to despise to attract/ to be attracted to   apartment to increase nearby because of to come from (three) times a year to live next door in the same street (15) miles away to move every other weekend to go to see suburbs (in the suburbs) average  

Module 2 Daily Routine

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