D. Write more verb phrases of things you do

  1. A) Write a letter in response stating your agreement or disagreement.
  2. B. Match the definitions with the italicized words and phrases from the text.
  3. B. Write down four things from the text that you think are surprising or interesting. Compare with your partner.
  4. B.Write out the key sentences for each point of the plan.
  5. C) Do library research and reproduce a talk with an important writer.
  6. C. Listen to three people planning a day trip. Write down three things they decide to do.
  7. C. Rewrite the sentences in passive voice.
  8. Change the stressed sentences into the suitable phrases of ex. 1.4 and make your own dialogues
  9. Complete the text by using the words and phrases from the box.
  10. Compose your own sentences with each English equivalent of the words and phrases given in exercise 9. Compare your variants with the sentences of your partner.

v every day

v only at weekends

E. Compare your list from D with a partner. Do you do the same things?


in + year/month/season in 1988 in September in winter in the 21st century on + day/date on Wednesday on 15 April on that day at + clock time/meal time at three oclock at lunch (time) at that time at the same time at the moment
in + a week or more in the Easter holiday in the autumn term on + a single day on Easter Monday on Christmas day at + two or three days at Easter/Christmas at the weekend
in + a part of the day in the morning in the evening on+ a day + a part of the day on Friday morning at night
NB We do not use in, on, at before every, last, next, this, tomorrow, yesterday. We go to Greece every summer. I will see you next Friday. The party is tomorrow evening.
in time = early enough We will have to hurry if we want to be in time for the show. We got to the airport in time to have a coffee before checking in. on time = at the right time, on schedule The plane took off on time.   Rachel is never on time. She is always late.  
in is used for a future time measured from the present The photos will be ready in an hour.  
inis used for the time it takes to complete something I did the crossword in five minutes.

A. Insert at, on or in where necessary.

1) 6 June 6) September 11)... ten minutes
2) 8 oclock 7) Saturday night 12) ... night
3) Saturday 8) the weekend 13) breakfast time
4) this evening 9) the morning 14) every weekend
5) 2009 10)... last night 15) next week

B. Insert at, on or in where necessary.

1) Bill Gates was born in Seattle .. 1955.

2) I havent seen Ann for a few days. I last saw her .. Wednesday.

3) The price of electricity is going up .. January.

4) Ive been invited to the wedding . 14 February.

5) Hurry up! Weve got to go . five minutes.

6) Im busy just now but Ill be with you .. a moment.

7) Jennys brother is an engineer, but he is out of work .. the moment.

8) There are usually a lot of parties . Christmas.

9) I hope the weather will be nice . the weekend.

10) . Saturday night I went to bed . 11 p.m.

11) I dont like travelling . night.

12) We travelled overnight to Paris and arrived . 5 oclock . the morning.

13) The course begins . 7 January and ends sometime . April.

14) My brother came home . last Christmas.

15) It was quite a short book and easy to read. I read it . a day.

16) I might not be at home Tuesday morning but Ill probably be there the afternoon.

17) My car is being repaired in the garage. It will be ready . two hours.

18) The group set off yesterday morning.

19) The telephone and the bell rang the same time.

20) Im pretty busy this week. Im afraid I cant see you Friday.

C. Complete the sentences with in time and on time.

1) The bus was late this morning but it is usually

2) I like to get up to have a big breakfast before going to work.

3) We want to start the meeting , so dont be late.

4) I have just washed this shirt. I want to wear it this evening, so I hope it will be dry

5) The train service isnt very good. The trains are rarely

6) I nearly forgot that it was Joes birthday. Fortunately I remembered

7) Why are you never ? You always keep everybody waiting.


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