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B. Match the definitions with the italicized words and phrases from the text.

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1) dining hall 14) to succeed in sleeping
2) to sleep too long 15) to go to bed very late
3) to go to bed very early 16) without other people
4) to stay in bed until later 17) to have small amounts of food
5) to have a short sleep, e.g. 20-25 minutes 18) to do homework
6) to make an effort 19) a teacher in higher education
7) part of the academic year 20) to clean teeth
8) to put down necessary information 21) to stop work or study for a meal
9) to stay at home 22) to relax and do nothing
10) to invite friends to one’s house and cook dinner for them 23) to leave the house for social reasons, e.g. go to the cinema or disco with friends
11) to visit somebody at the house 24) conversation
12) to buy food and clothes 13) to wash the clothes 25) a meeting of a group of students for tuition

C. The text includes a number of expressions with“have + noun”,e.g.have breakfast, have a shower. Can you remember six more?

D. Now complete some more word partnerships and expressions by matching the verbs on the left with the correct word on the right.

to fall a rest
to do tests
to have a seminar
to take notes
to have asleep
to get up the ironing
to hold early
to make exams

E. Complete this dialogue with suitable words or phrases from the text.

A: Don't (1) to cook a meal this evening.

B: Why not?

A: We could (2) instead.

B: Yeah. Where?

A: Well I'd like to go to that new Korean restaurant. We could ask Karen and Mike to come.

B: That's miles away. No, I think I would rather (3) and have an (4) night.

A: But it's Friday. You can have a (5) tomorrow if we have a late night.

B: Yes, I know but I am tired. Look, why don't you ask Karen and Mike (6) for a meal, I can order some pizzas from the takeaway and we'll have a nice evening here.

A: Sorry, but if you don't want to come to the restaurant with me, I'll go (7).

F. Translate the following sentences into Russian.

1) Did you go out last night?

2) I think I am going to stay in this evening.

3) I overslept this morning.

4)I couldn't get to sleep last night.

5) Do you want to come round this evening?

6) I forgot to do the shopping.

7) What time did you get home?

G. Can you find three facts from the text which are exactly the same in your routine, three which are similar, and three which are completely different? Complete the table below.

same similar completely different
I go to bed around 11.30 p.m. I leave home at 8.40 a.m. I never do any ironing.  

H. Tell about your day according to the plan: sleep, food, study, housework, evenings.



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