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E. Scan the article and find the opposite of these adjectives.

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casual confident disorganized easy negative unreliable

G. Translate the following words from Russian into English and make up your own sentences with them:

место работы; отношение; следите за тем, что говорите; продолжать спрашивать; делать личные звонки; большинство; производить хорошее впечатление; вести себя; доверять; держаться подальше, вмешиваться (ввязываться); продумать (решить).


A. Match the descriptions in column B with the personality adjectives in column A. Use a dictionary if necessary.

shy works well, doesn’t waste time
tidy wants to have a top job
self-confident doesn’t get angry when he or she has to wait
reliable doesn’t feel confident when talking to people he or she doesn’t know
patient trustworthy, dependable
demanding thinks carefully before doing or deciding anything
nervous arrives on time
ambitious keeps desk, papers, files, etc. in good order
relaxed calm, unstressed, unworried
cautious has a positive feeling about him or herself
dynamic makes other people work hard, often to a high standard
efficient be afraid, doesn’t have a lot of confidence
punctual energetic and (usually) successful

B. These pairs of words describe employee qualities and performance. Match synonyms from the boxes.

friendly tidy careful intelligent shy reliable relaxed flexible self-confident systematic excellent satisfactory
clever timid easy-going acceptable self-assured cautious adaptable neat consistent dependable outstanding warm

C. Many positive words describing character have clear opposites with a negative meaning. Write the negative forms of the following adjectives using the prefixes un- (11 examples), in- (7 examples), dis- (3 examples), ir- (1 example), im- (1 example).

tidy organised accurate systematic sensitive patient orthodox honest conventional traditional convincing responsible secure sincere experienced reliable obedient efficient predictable friendly diplomatic trustworthy tolerant


D. Which of the adjectives given in exercises A, B, C best describe either you own or a friend’s character? How do you or your friends demonstrate these characteristics? Which of these qualities are necessary for an economist?

e.g. sociable – I’m sociable because I love being with other people.


(Test Your Listening/Penguin English CD: Do sit down, Track 10)

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