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A. Role-play the following situation.

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Student A: Interview candidate

You have applied for a holiday job as a waiter at a local fast food restaurant. You are well qualified for the job and have some experience of this kind of work. Soon after the interview has begun, you change your mind about the job. You decide you are no longer interested. Do and say whatever is necessary to make sure you do NOT get the job.

Student B: Interviewer

You are interviewing applicants for a job in your fast food restaurant. You have interviewed several people already, but found no one suitable. Soon after the beginning of the interview with A, you decide he/she is the right person for the job. Do everything possible to make the interview a success.


A. Read Adam Hall’s Curriculum Vitae (CV).

Date of birth: Address: Tel.: Email: 25 February 1990 25 Victoria Road, Birmingham B19 2ZK 01218953 9914 adhall@interserve.net.uk  
Profile   A highly-motivated, well-travelled, and creative graduate with practical work experience in both sales and TEFL[4] teaching. A 4-month postgraduate residency at the Biosphere 2 Center, Arizona, has given me wide-ranging knowledge of, and insight into, environmental problems and ways of presenting them to the public.  
Education     1998-2002   2002-2006   July, 2004 King Edward's School, Birmingham 0 Levels[5]: Art, Biology, Chemistry, English, French, Geography, History, Maths, Spanish A levels:[6] Art A Environmental Studies A Chemistry B Spanish B Leeds Metropolitan University BA[7] Environmental Studies: 2:1 Academy School of English, Leeds Cert CELTA  
Work experience April 1999 – July 1999   January 2002 - May 2002 Weekend sales assistant, Kings Norton Garden Centre, Birmingham TEFL tutor, JA School of English, Katowice, Poland
Other information   September 2003 December 2003 May 15-16,2004   June 20-24, 2004     4-month residency at the Biosphere 2 Cent Arizona, USA Co-presented 'No smoke' at the Bretton Hall Sculpture Park, University of Leeds. An installation which explored the environmental implications of major forest fires, both natural and man-made. Co-presented 'Time microscope' at the Covent Garden Flower Festival. An installation which explored different ways of presenting information about the natural world  
Interests   My main interest outside work, although related to it, is travel. In 19— I took part in a school expedition to the High Atlas mountains in Morocco, and produced a video of the trip. In my gap year I travelled extensively in South America, again documenting the trip by means of sketchbooks and video. I also enjoy World Music, particularly that from countries I have visited, and play the guitar  
References   Prof. T.N- Fagin Department of Environmental Studies Leeds Metropolitan University LS23RX     Dr Elizabeth Gordon Principal JA School of English Ulica Czysta 14 Katowice Poland  

B. Answer the questions.

1) Where did Adam study environmental problems?

2) What did he do while he was in Poland?

3) Who is Dr Elizabeth Gordon?

4) What do you think Adam's main interest is?

5) Where did Adam graduate from?

6) What commercial experience has he had?


C. Write a CV to attract employers and make them want to employ you as an Economist of Sales Department to a Coca-Cola company. Remember that the perfect CV should be:

Well-structured Short, simple and clear Easy to read and professional looking   Suitable to the job and the employer Focused on the results not simply competency Free of unnecessary details  
Without spelling and punctuation errors Grammatically perfect Not your hobbies and interests unless they demonstrate relevant job qualities One or two pages maximum


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