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D. Make up short dialogues expressing lack of certainty and surprise. Use prompts given below.

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  9. B. Below is а list of words derived from the same stem. Indicate the parts of speech. Choose а suitable word for each blank in the sentences below.
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e.g. If I remember rightly, Vladimir Lenin studied in Kazan.

Really? It’s news to me. When was it?

1) There are more than 200 holidays in Russia and only 7 are state ones!

2) In 1240 Kiev was destroyed by the Mongols.

3) The first animal in space was a Russian dog, Laika.

4) Viking Rurik founded the first Russian dynasty in Novgorod.

5) 13 cities in Russia have population over 1 m.

6) The USSR was divided into fifteen independent republics.

7) The Russian Federation is home to as many as 160 different ethnic groups.


100 a/one hundred 1000 a/one thousand 1 000 000 (1m ) a/one million 3 000 000 000 (3bn) three billion
Bigger numbers
3 560 three thousand five hundred andsixty (BrE) sixty (AmE) 598, 374 five hundred and ninety-eight thousand, three hundred and forty- seven(BrE) ninety-eight thousand, three hundred forty-seven(AmE)
Decimals Vulgar fractions
  16.5 sixteen point five 17.38 % seventeen point three eight percent 0.185 (nought) point one eight five 1/8 a/one eighth 3/8 three eighths 1/2 a/one half 3/4 three quarters 20/83 twenty over eighty three

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