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VOCABULARY FOCUS. Ex. 1. Complete list below by inserting the missing forms. Verb Noun Adjective 1. content 2.

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Ex. 1. Complete list below by inserting the missing forms.

Verb Noun Adjective
1. content  
2.   increased
3. to benefit    
4. to tend    
5. drain  
6.   touching
7. to shrink    
8. to depend    
9. origin  
10. to offend    


Ex. 2. Fill in the prepositions.

1. A small office offers support … an individual who is a newcomer.

2. Some people who are very keen … protecting their privacy may not like a touching sign … sympathy.

3. A friendly office environment helps push work … .

4. In a small office everybody depends … each other.

5. Many people who work in small offices feel quite content … their lines.

6. Workers of a small office have unlimited opportunities to learn … their colleagues.

7. In a small company one’s privacy tends … shrink.

8. … good … bad, it’s a distinct environment that.

9. Some people leave working in a small office behind … life in a big corporation.


Ex. 3. Match the words with their definitions.

co-worker benefit value support corporation workplace wellness dress-code

1. The state of being healthy.

2. A standard of what you should wear for particular situations.

3. Something that given you advantages or improves your life in some way.

4. Someone who works with you 2 has a similar position.

5. The room, building etc. where you work.

6. A big company, or a group of companies acting together as a single organization.

7. Sympathetic encouragement and help that you give to someone.

8. Your principles about what is right and wrong, or your ideas about what is important in life.

Ex. 4. Complete the sentences with the words in the correct form from the list below. Translate them into Russian.

1. Modern medicine has tended … developing surgical techniques.

2. The secretary … deeply … that everybody thought she had faked the story.

3. This company … entirely … donations from the public.

4. Working with sick children every day really … you.

5. The newcomer appeared … working with papers.

6. Our boss … interfere in his employees’ business.

7. The number of workers … from 120 to 70.

8. You may not like her, but you have … that she is good at her job.


Words for reference: to be keen on, to focus on, to drain, to shrink, to depend on, to tend to, to admit, to be offended.


Ex. 5. Fill in the missing words from the text.

1. A _____ can be an extremely powerful motivator.

2. Budgets in big offices are not as _____ as in small ones.

3. People who work in small offices feel _____.

4. Work life is a little less personal and there’s more _____ and _____ in a big office.

5. What people particularly like is a special _____ which originates in small offices.

6. An informal _____ and a friendly office environment helps _____ push work along.

7. _____ wellness is to match the needs and values of employees with those of the company.


Ex. 6. Complete the phrase by matching the word/expression on the left with its best association on the right.

1) to feel content with 2) to be keen on 3) an exquisite dependence on 4) to focus on 5) to learn from 6) one’s privacy tends to 7) to get away from 8) according to a) social surveys b) their careers c) draining energy d) protecting e) their co-worker f) their lives g) shrink h) each other

Ex. 7. Make up your own sentence/texts using the following words and word combinations.

To be content with, to learn from, benefit, exquisite, to shrink, to originate, immediate boss, informal dress-code, to drain, to match the needs and values.



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