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Ex. 1. Look at the paragraph structure below for two letters: an enquiry and the reply. Then write the correct paragraph reference next to each sentence (a j).


Enquiry 1. How you got the contact.

2. Something about your company, and why you are writing.

3. General request for information.

4. Other specific/unusual questions.

5. Close, perhaps including a reference to future business.

Reply 1. Thanks, referring to the date.

2. Say what you are attaching.

3. Highlight one or two key points.

4. Answer any specific questions.

5. Close, saying you are ready to answer any other questions.


a) We are a distributor of kitchen products in Hungary. We are interested in. Enquiry 2

b) I am attaching our current catalogue and price list.

c) We look forward to an early reply, and are sure that there is a market for your products here in Hungary.

d) Could you also provide details of your delivery times, and whether there is any minimum order.

e) Thank you for your letter of 4 June enquiring about our products.

f) You will note that our line of MagicMix food processors is on special offer.

g) Please send us information about your product range, including a price list.

h) We met last Thursday on your stand at the Munich Trade Fair.

i) If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

j) We dispatch the goods within 24 hours of a firm order, and for first-time customers our minimum order is 5,000.

Ex. 2. Put paragraphs (a - e) in the emails below in the correct order.


a) We are a Turkish company exporting to the EU, and need a firm of lawyers in France to represent us on some legal matters.

b) In particular, we would like to know your experience in dealing with disputes between companies involved in import/export.

c) I am emailing you off your website, which I found through Google.

d) An early reply would be greatly appreciated.

e) We would be grateful for some information about the legal services that your firm offers.

Paragraph order: 1..2.345


a) We feel sure that we will be able to represent your interests here in France. May I suggest that I call you at your convenience to discuss the matter further? Please let me know when would be a convenient time. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

b) Thank you for your email of 4 December asking for information about our legal services.

c) You will also note that we have represented several Turkish companies, including one of Turkeys major textile exporters. Naturally, our experience in this field includes resolving contractual disputes.

d) You will see that we give a list of our recent clients, and that the list includes many well-known company names.

e) I am attaching a document that gives full details of the range of service we offer.

Paragraph order: 6.7..8..9.10.

Ex. 3. Complete the sentences 112 with the pairs of words from the box. Check the meaning of any unknown words in a dictionary.

accept/quotation apologize/inconvenience assure/prompt attached/delay correct/amend discount/repeated dispatched/firm first-time/pre-payment note/records processed/track temporarily/stock would/grateful

1. Please return the attached form so that your order can be processed without any delay.

2. We.be..if you could supply bank references.

3. Our normal terms forcustomers are 50%............. .

4. I have spoken to my line manager, and we are pleased to offer a small.on this occasion in the hope that it will lead to ...orders.

5. The goods will be.3 days from receipt of a.order.

6. Weyou that your order will have ourattention.

7. Weyour. . Please ship at the first available opportunity.

8. Your order has been . You canshipping details on our website.

9. Wefrom ourthat payment of invoice 5718 is still outstanding.

10. We are.out of.of this item, but we expect new supplies shortly.

11. Wefor anywhich may have been caused.

12. The.information is given below. Pleaseyour records accordingly.

Ex. 4. Read the following reply and find the matching expressions:

1. to thank for the letter, enquiry

2. to refer to the concerns of a letter

3. to enclose sending

4. to close a letter


Dear Mr Bowen Thank you for your letter of 17 May enquiring about promotional gifts. We are pleased to enclose our new brochure and price list together with samples of our promotional gifts. We look forward to receiving your first order. Yours sincerely


Ex. 5. John Phillips is telling his PA to write various letters. Change his instructions into an acceptable form for business correspondence. Each sentence has been started for you.

EXAMPLE: John Phillips: Ask them for a cash discount. Could you

PA writes: Could you offer us a cash discount?


1. Tell Rockfords that the consignment must be delivered before the end of September.

It is essential

2. Ask Schmidt to send us their catalogue and a price list.

Could you

3. We're going to give them a big order, so find out if they allow quantity discounts.

As we intend to place a substantial..

4. If they can't deliver the goods before Friday, tell Larousse to email us."

Please could you

5. It would be a lot of help if they could send some samples.

We would appreciate

6. Say that we'd like Andover to send someone here to give us an estimate.

We would be grateful if..

7. Say wed like to see a demonstration of both models.

We would be interested .

8. Find out if Weston's will let us have twenty units on approval.

Would you be.

9. Ask when he will let us have the cheque.

I am writing to enquire..

10. Say our suppliers generally let us settle by monthly statement.

As a rule


Ex. 6. Match these words to their definitions.

1) A catalogue a) is usually quite thin and probably contains about 20 pages on paper measuring about 21x15 cm.
2) An insert b) is usually one piece of paper, perhaps folded into two or three sections, which gives information on a product, service or event.
3) A booklet c) quite is generally large, containing at least 50 pages. It contains a list of goods (possibly together with prices and illustrations) that can be bought from a manufacturer or supplier.
4) A leaflet d) is similar to a booklet but is more closely associated with advertising. It is probably printed on glossy paper.
5) A brochure e) an advertisement that is included loose between the pages of a magazine

Choose one of the words above to complete the sentences. Be sure to use the correct form.

1. A short 15-page.with instructions for use and addresses of authorised distributors is enclosed.

2. The 1,500 page Sears.contains about 120,000 articles for sale.

3. I saw the union representatives handing out calling for strike action.

4. The.was destined for inclusion in The Economist, Fortune, Business Week and Management Today.

5. We will need several hundred glossyfor the coming Trade Fair.

Ex. 7. Match the following expressions with their Russian equivalents.

1) We are interested in and would ask you to send us your offer (tender, quotation) for these goods (for this machine, for this equipment). 2) We require 3) We are regular buyers of 4) We are in the market for 5) Please send us samples of your goods stating your lowest prices and best terms of payment. 6) Please let us know if you can send us your quotation for (if you can offer us ). 7) We are interested in advertised by you in 8) We have seen your machine, Model 5 at the exhibition and .. 9) We have received your advertisement in... 10) We have received your address from ... 11) We learn from ... that you are exporters of ... 12) Please inform us by return at what price, on what terms and when you could deliver a) . b) c) d) , e) f) g) , h) i) () ( , ) j) 5 k) , ( ) l)


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