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Are you going to London soon? If so, ask someone to take you to Portobello Road. It has a colourful street market. But I think the most fascinating part of it is the people of every race and colour who go there.

Hundreds of porters, cleaners and conductors in the Tube and buses of London are West Indians. All over London you can find Pakistani restaurants. In Soho there are Italians, Greeks and so many Chinese that part of Soho is usually called "China-Town".

Britain has always received immigrants. There are over a million Irish people who have come to Britain to get better jobs and higher wages.

Since 1950 great numbers of settlers have come from the West Indies, Pakistan and India. Others have come from Hong Kong, Cyprus, Malta and the "Old Dominions" like Australia.

All immigrants have brought something worthwhile. The hard work of the Chinese, the music (and cheerfulness) of the West Indians and strong family life of the Pakistanis and people from Bangla Desh can all teach something. They add some life and colour to our drab British cities. Go to a West Indian Party or watch the Chinese New Year celebrations in Soho and you will agree.

Ответьте на вопросы:

1. What is the most fascinating part of Portobello Road?

2. Why do immigrants come to Britain?

3. What have they brought to Britain?



During the past ten years the music world has seen a number of different styles. 1976 saw the emergence in Britain of the punk bands: bud and noisy groups who sang about, and often practiced, violence. With their torn clothes, ugly tattoos and blank expressions punks were a strange, almost frightening, sight.

By 1979 the mood had changed. Punks' successors, the New Romantics, were a different matter. Wearing bright and unusual clothes the New Romantics made a refreshing change from the old punks.

But they lacked one thing - a central leader. Now they found him in Adam Ant, lead singer with Adam and the Ants, Britain's best known new rock band. Back in 1979, Adam Ant was still living under his real name of Stuart Goddard. An Art student in London, Mr. Goddard was bored by the music scene as he saw it and decided to create a change, establish a musical Renaissance.

The first thing he did was to change his name. He decided on Adam because he thought that the name represented that of a Renaissance character. And "Ant" seemed to complement his new name nicely.

The next move was to create a distinctive style for himself and his followers - or "Ant People" as they became known. Creating this new style wasn't easy and required careful planning.

Adam Ant is an admirer of the North American Indians and it was to them that he turned for his inspiration. Using brightly coloured make-up, Adam painted his face and placed feathers in his hair. His clothing looks like mat of original American settler.

To match this unusual style Adam had to create an equally unusual sound. He did this by turning away from traditional Western rhythms and instead adopted the drum Beats of American Indian. He added rhythms borrowed from the Zulu and Masai people of Africa and the result - "Ant Music" - is a unique sound which is becoming known throughout the music world".

Поставьте предложения в правильном порядке:

1. Adam creates an unusual sound.

2. He decides to establish a musical Renaissance.

3. Mr. Goddard becomes a central leader of the New Romantics.

4. During the past ten years the music world has seen a number of different styles.

5. Adam uses an unusual style in his clothing

6. The New Romantics are something new in the music world

7. He changes his real name.


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