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CONVERSATIONAL PRACTICE. Exercise 46 a) Social expressions

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Exercise 46 a) Social expressions. Match an expression in column A with a reply in column B.

Mind your own business. I’ve changed my mind. Excuse me. Mind the step. Sorry! Pardon? I don’t care what he does. It serves him right. Here you are. Come on! What’s up? It’s up to you. Do you want this one or that one? Thank you. Where to? I don’t feel very well. Ouch! Too late. I don’t mind. You choose. Never mind. It doesn’t matter. I’ll say it again for you. Oh, no. I hate decisions. Why? What did he do? All right. All right. I didn’t mean to be noisy. Yes, can I help you? What again? That’s not very nice. I thought you two were friends.

B) Compose short dialogues using these expressions.

Exercise 47 a) Make up dialogues on the topic ‘Travelling in the city’. Explain to the city guests how to get to their hotel (the centre of the city, some monuments, shopping centres, theatres, cinema palaces, etc). Use the expressions:

- Excuse me, how can I get to…?

- Is this the right way to…?

- It’s over there (not far from here; within 5 minutes walk; next to; straight ahead; two blocks away; round the corner; opposite the hotel; nearby).

-You’d better take a taxi.

- Is there a bus to the airport?

- It takes you ten minutes to get there on foot.

b) Translate the dialogue.

- Вибачте мені, як пройти до готелю «Інтурист»?

- Униз по цій вулиці, потім поверніть біля світлофора і ви побачите готель.

- Дякую.

- Не варто подяки. Будьте обережні, переходьте вулицю по підземному переходу (pedestrian subway), на дорозі сильний рух (the traffic is heavy).

- Ви дуже добрі.



Adjective Suffixes: -ic, -al, -an Noun Suffixes: -age, -th, -ee Verb Suffixes: -ize, -(i)fy Verb Prefix: en- (em-)

Exercise 48 Form nouns using the suffix -age. Translate them.

Marry, use, root, herb, break, post, anchor, dose, wreck, mile, percent.


Exercise 49 Translate the nouns ending-ee.

Assignee, trustee, addressee, presentee, grantee, votee, trainee, refugee, referee, consignee, payee, arrestee, examinee, employee, interviewee, abandonee, standee.


Exercise 50 a) Translate the pairs of words.

long – length dead – death true – truth

strong – strength breathe – breath warm – warmth

deep – depth broad – breadth grow – growth

B) Choose the necessary word.

1. The street is two kilometres (long, length). 2. The (long, length) of the street is two kilometres. 3. Peter is a (strong, strength) boy. 4. The (strong, strength) of the wind was great. 5. It was a (warm, warmth) day. 6. The woman spoke with some (warm, warmth). 7. ‘I am (warm, warmth),’ said the child. 8. The (warm, warmth) of the sun is so pleasant!


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